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How To Stop the Damp Before it Starts

How To Stop the Damp Before it Starts – let’s take a look.

While it may not be at the forefront of our minds in the height of summer to damp proof our homes, it hard to think of a better time to commence the process. A damp home can cause a variety of problems, not least issues to your health and a large cost to fix should something go awry.

Rather than fight a losing battle against an already damp building, why not stop the rot before it starts? Here are some key tips for reducing the amount of condensation and moisture surrounding your bricks and mortar to a minimum.


How To Stop the Damp

How To Stop the Damp Before it Starts

How To Stop the Damp Before it Starts

Let’s take a look at you CAN do about damp.


Keep Windows Open Where Possible



Leaving the windows open daily within your home will do wonders for its ventilation. Drip vents are another great way of enabling airflow so that condensation is kept to the bare minimum. Just because you have condensation on your windows, don’t assume it won’t be elsewhere, too.


Invest in protection

If your walls are particularly susceptible to the damp then you may want to purchase something to give them that extra bit of protection. Some damp course injection cream will do just the trick to give your walls that little bit more fortitude and save you a lot more money that you would have to spend on repairs in the long run.


Make Use of Extractor Fans

The extractor fans in your home are there for a reason, be sure to use them in order to keep out any excess moisture that might develop from cooking or washing. Keep the door closed for the room you are using the extractor fan in to make sure that all moisture is caught by the fan.


Check the Piping Situation

It’s not often we do this, but we should really get into the habit. Be sure to inspect your guttering and other pipes around your home to be sure there are no leaks or blockages causing an overflow of water to enter your home. If you suspect there may be damage to one, it’s better to replace it outright than wait for disaster to strike.


Put a Lid on It

When you are cooking it is essential to keep the lid on pots and pans in order to keep the moisture within the pan and not spilling out into the room around it. Even if you cannot physically see moisture rising from the pans I can guarantee you that it still is, think about only being able to view your breath on a cold day; the same principle applies.

Promote Airflow within Rooms

One way to do this is by leaving a gap between your walls and the furniture so that air can freely circulate around it. Not allowing this room for airflow can cause air to get trapped between the two and then form mould, which is horrific in terms of damage it can do to your home.


Preserve the Same Temperature

When winter finally rolls around it is good practice to keep the temperature of your home at a consistent temperature. The reason for this is that the clash between cold and warm air is what causes the spread of moisture, so keeping a constant temperature can prevent this from happening


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