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How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party

Do you want to discover how to throw a perfect garden party?

One of the biggest benefits of having a garden is the fact you can host garden parties whenever the weather allows for it, which may depend on where you live.


How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party


Whether you want to get some sunshine in the early spring after a long winter’s break from outdoor events, or are looking to soak in the hot summer day’s sun, a garden party is something most people will jump at attending.

With that in mind, we have a few good ideas that will help you make your next garden party even better and make everyone want to come back for more the next time you host an event.


How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party


Comfort Makes Perfect

Hosting an outdoor party is always trickier than hosting an indoor one, as there are more things that can go wrong. Depending on the time of the year, your guests might end up being too hot or too cold, bugs may try to ruin the mood, and rainfall is always a possibility.

Providing some measures against that such as making sure you have some seating space in a shaded area if the day is too hot, or a few extra blankets handy on a colder day are the kinds of things you should be thinking about.

Of course, the seating itself can be a problem in some gardens, which is why investing in a solid garden lounge set is a great idea if you plan on hosting garden parties often. It may come at a price, but it will make your garden look amazing and will make your parties legendary.


How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party


Serve Light

A garden party should be a bit different than an indoor dinner party, and this is something you should take into consideration. For a garden party, you should think about serving some simple and seasonal meals and drinks that will freshen everyone up, but still also ensure they are well-fed.

Making nice spreads made up of cheeses and fruit is usually an idea that you can’t go wrong with, especially if you can get your hands on some fresh seasonal fruit that is guaranteed to be tasty and nutritious.

The local farmers market is probably where you want to go shopping for your next garden party, and getting a few nice recipes for simple veggie or fruit snacks can make your party one that people will talk about for a long time to come.


How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party

Thinking About Activities is How to Throw a Perfect Garden Party

There is no good party without some activities, and while your group may find eating, drinking, and talking to be enough, coming up with a few games to play with the group will take the party to the next level.

Even if the guests you are inviting don’t really know how to play any garden games, having a ball or two around or filling up an inflatable pool on the side can make the event a lot more fun for everyone.

Games like bocce ball and croquet are popular garden games that people often like to play at such events, but you can also talk to your friends and figure out what kinds of games the group may enjoy as a whole.


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