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How To Transform An Old Conservatory

How To Transform An Old Conservatory – such a useful thing to know and an even more useful thing to do!


How To Transform An Old Conservatory


How To Transform An Old Conservatory – top tips

Old conservatories can become nothing more than a spare, and unusable room, somewhere to pack full of nick-nacks that never get used. This happens to many homeowners because the excitement of a new conservatory can quickly wane once it becomes incredibly hot in summer and very cold in winter. It looks nice from the outside, but realistically it just isn’t a part of the home you value any more. 

If you can relate to this, don’t worry, your gorgeous glass extension isn’t dead in the water yet. There are lots of ways to improve an old conservatory, giving it a fresh lease of life, and enabling you to get use out of every part of your home:


How To Transform An Old Conservatory


Re-Roof that is How To Transform An Old Conservatory

Re-roofing your conservatory is the most inexpensive way to improve the space and to transform an old conservatory. When you have a standard conservatory roof the temperature is not regulated. Often the space is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

To regulate the temperature, there is a huge variety of solid roof conservatory types to choose from that range in price to help you work out how to transform an old conservatory. 


How To Transform An Old Conservatory -Replace The Windows And Window Frames

Instead of adding a completely new roof, you may wish to focus your attention on the window panes and frames. The windows of a conservatory are often the parts that age first, so by switching them you can make your conservatory more energy-efficient and it will look more aesthetically pleasing too. Do think carefully about the type of windows you place, as they should be the most eco-friendly that you can afford. 


Home buyers care about sustainability and the eco-credentials of the building they are buying so it pays to invest in conservatory windows that are desirable to a new buyer should you sell. Your energy bills will also benefit from better windows.

You can choose from single, double or triple glazed windows and there are window treatments and tinting to consider too. Take a look at this useful article about window shopping for eco-friendly windows for more information. 


Knowing How To Transform An Old Conservatory could add real value to your home


How To Transform An Old Conservatory


How To Transform An Old Conservatory – You should Invest In New Flooring

The floor of a conservatory can age it, or make it impractical. Carpet, for example, in a conservatory might go mouldy if the room is not well ventilated. Slippy tiles might feel unsafe with kids or grandchildren running in and out of the garden. New flooring could make your conservatory look more beautiful, and make it more useable to your family. 

Here are some common conservatory flooring types to consider:


  • Laminate – Heat resistant, easy to clean, lots of different looks to choose from, affordable
  • Vinyl – Looks beautiful, easy to clean, lots of different looks to choose from, mostly non-slip
  • Cork – Environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic, comfortable to walk on, aesthetically pleasing
  • Natural Stone – Aesthetically pleasing, hardwearing, durable
  • Porcelain Tiles – Affordable, available in a large range of styles, hard-wearing

You could also consider underfloor heating for your tiles to make your new flooring not only transform the aesthetic of your conservatory but help it to be more usable in the colder months. 



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How To Transform An Old Conservatory


Repurpose – thats how to How To Transform An Old Conservatory

It could be that your conservatory doesn’t work for you at the moment because the way you use it is no longer relevant to your lifestyle. Maybe you planned it to be a socialising room, but you don’t really have people round all that often anymore, or you have a better space in the home or garden to entertain in. Maybe you are one of many who suffer daily with allergy issues and the current ventilation in the conservatory does not work with your health needs. 

Either way, if you don’t use it much, perhaps it is time to try repurposing the space.

With a solid roof, perhaps it could be the ideal home office. Just looking at nature is known to be good for your brain, so there’s every chance your work could benefit from you working in a space like a conservatory. Or how about a play-room for the children or grandchildren? Think about what you would do to a new room in your home if one was added and then think about how you could make your conservatory serve that purpose. 


Redecorate – How To Transform An Old Conservatory on a budget!

It could be that your conservatory feels old and tired because it looks old and tired. Maybe you haven’t freshened up the decor since you had it all built.

If that rings true, it is time to have some fun! You have a whole room to decorate, without having to worry about the rest of the house because the conservatory is more like a garden room. You can be more playful with textures and themes, patterns and colours.

You really can put your stamp on your conservatory with decor, and you should if that is the way to make the room usable to you again. You can find some great tips on decorating your conservatory in this handy Ideal Home article.



If All Else Fails, It Is Time To Rebuild – the ultimate step  in how to transform an old conservatory

Maybe your conservatory is old, and you do need to rebuild it to make the space usable again. Rebuilding a conservatory isn’t cheap and it will take longer than the options above, but it does help protect your initial investment and it will hopefully give you the usability of the extension again too. 

Conservatories cost on average, between £15,000 and £20,000 in the UK so it makes sense to make the most of your investment in the best possible way to suit your needs. Maybe you need a small redecoration, maybe you need the entire conservatory rebuilding.

Do your research and consider all your options well, because it could result in you reclaiming and enjoying a space in your home you long considered unusable.



How To Transform An Old Conservatory – Over to you

Do you have any tips to share on How To Transform An Old Conservatory? If so I would love to hear. making the most of your space is one of the golden rules of property investment. Let’s do this!


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