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How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior

How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior – let’s take a look at how to improve the outside of your home. 



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How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior

Over time, the outside of your home experiences a lot, from changing weather conditions, to everyday wear and tear. This causes the appearance of your home to alter slightly, becoming dull and uninviting, which isn’t something you want your home to feel like.

Whilst many people focus mainly on the interiors of their homes, it’s just as important to give the exterior some TLC and ensure it looks as warm and welcoming as possible, to create a positive first impression. If you feel your home has started to look a little lifeless from the outside, now is the perfect time to grab those ladders and get to work on bringing it back to life!


Start with the Walls

The walls of your home are the largest area of your home, so it’s important to ensure they are in good condition all year around. Throughout the winter months, your walls can start to look dirty and eventually make your whole home look dull and untidy. It doesn’t matter what material is used for your walls, there are always ways in which you can transform them and make them look fresh and new again. For homes that have rendered walls, focus on washing down your walls or even repainting if needed. Walls made with wood siding, brick or stone can be simply washed down to bring the colour back and revive the materials to their original state.


Roofing Renovations

Just like your walls, your roof can experience some issues throughout the winter due to the heavy weather conditions. You often find that tiles often break or become loose, moss begins to grow and your drains can become clogged up with all kinds of debris. Grab your roof ladders and take a good look at the current condition of your roof, checking all tiles are intact and any dirt or rubbish has been removed. It may also be worth giving a few tiles a slight nudge to ensure that they are secure and in place. If you need notice any cracked tiles, it’s important to have these replaced as soon as possible to ensure you don’t experience any further issues in the future.


Clean Windows and Doors

Its amazing how much of a difference clean windows and doors can make to a property’s appearance, so it’s really beneficial to keep them clean and sparkling. The windows are like the jewellery of your home, adding a slight touch of sparkle to the overall look, so keeping them clean is really important. Give your windows and doors a good wash down, removing any unwanted dirt that has accumulated over the months and you’ll instantly notice a huge difference. You could even go as far as changing the handles to mix things up a little and give your home a touch of something new.


How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior


Get to Work on the Garden

Leaving the garden to become overgrown and untidy can be very easily done, especially when the weather isn’t too great. We’re all guilty of putting off gardening tasks until the warmer weather, and then totally forgetting when that day finally arrives. Now is the time to get out into your front garden and ensure it looks presentable and welcoming, enhancing your homes look and adding character. Introduce some beautiful flowers to add colour to your garden, or try to give your hedges a fresh shape. These small changes will really alter the way your home looks and add a great touch of kerb appeal too.


How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior – Make it Personal

Your home is a reflection of your personal style and it’s always really nice to add some personal touches to your interior or exterior to enhance the overall style of your home. Whether it’s an antique door knocker, some delicate flowers around the door frame or even the choice of colour scheme, your individual choices create an overall look that will make your home feel warm and welcoming, as well as homely.


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