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How to transform your spare room into that perfect space

Today – How to transform your spare room

transform your spare room, how to transform your spare room into that perfect space

How to transform your spare room – top tips

Do you ponder how to transform your spare room into that perfect space?

When transforming your spare room there are lots of ideas which you can consider. You might want to be more practical and create that office you’ve always needed, or you could be thinking about creating a more tranquil or creative space for you to escape to. Whatever your needs or desires are, here are a few ideas of how to get that perfect spare room.

If you’re experienced in sewing, or new to it, there are a lot of equipment which comes with this hobby, material, sewing machine, threads, pins, the list is endless, so why not create a sewing room out of your spare room? There are lots of companies which sell crafty storage, which have small compartments, for buttons, needles, etc., and specialist furniture, like thread holders. A large worktop will be beneficial when cutting material, so you can either look online for workspace ideas, or you might want to have it specially made to fit your room perfectly.


How to transform your spare room into  a guest bedroom

How about when your guests come and you have nowhere to put them up for the night? If you’d like to use your spare room more, and have it as an occasional guest room, then making the best use of the space is important. Companies, such as Bedstar, offer a range of guest beds, which use the space of a single bed, and optional trundle beds, which are stored underneath, and the sprung loaded legs means you can then make it into a double for your guests. These beds come in either wood or metal, and in a range of finishes and colour, to suit your room.


transform your spare room


How to transform your spare room into a home office

Sometimes you just need that dedicated area in the home to pay the monthly bills, catch up with your emails, chat to people from across the globe, or just to simply get on with some work, without the disturbance of the rest of the family, so why not create the perfect office?

There are lots of office ideas online, as more and more people are working fro home these days. Desks come in every format imaginable, so whether you have a large or a small spare room, there is every type of desk to cater for your needs. Also there are lots of storage and filing furniture on the market, which can make your office still look like part of your home.


How to transform your spare room into a peaceful yoga room

If you want a tranquil hideaway then you might want to create a peaceful yoga room. The rules for creating this perfect space is to de-clutter, so that it’s functional as well as beautiful, and having the minimum amount distractions will also calm your mind.

Choose calm colours, with cooler tones and warm whites, and by using eco-friendly products it will neutralise yourself and the environment. Set the mood with lighting, such as using dimmer switches, and lamps, to add softness to the space.

Using scented candles, incense and aromatherapy will harmonise, and have equipment for your yoga sessions, such as mats, blankets and props. Finally capture what yoga is all about by having a few key items, like wall hangings and sculptures to put you in another place whilst to take time out.


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