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How to try clothes on virtually

So have you ever wondered how to try clothes on virtually ?

I am not the tallest and slimmest of ladies and getting clothes to fit me properly always requires trying them on first. I am just not built like those tall slim models you see showing off clothes…no not at all!

I saw a top over at Warehouse and it looked gorgeous.

I however, could only see it on the model and I don’t have a model figure, I am short and curvy.So I had no idea how it would look on me.  However it offered a try it on service. I thought this meant sending it  to me to try but nope. It took my weight and bust size and height and made the model into a version of me

me model

How to try clothes on virtually

Now isn’t that just the most useful service ever!

I’ve realised this top wouldn’t look right on me and saved a lot of bother. How cool is that. I had to share this i reckon it is just brilliant for those of us on a budget. how many times have you bought things that don’t look quite right and then nort sent them back. I know I have wasted money this way a fair frew times.

How to try clothes on virtually


Now you don’t need to –  now toyu know how to try clothes on virtually




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  1. Janine
    March 10, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Hi there

    How do I get to do this for myself?

    Regards Janine

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