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How To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Sanctuary You Deserve

The Perfect Guide for Turning Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the space we retreat to after a long day to rest and relax, a feeling that grows stronger as the colder months begin to arrive. While the latest bedroom trends are sophisticated and stylish, they are also comfortable and inviting. 

You will not be short of ideas building the ultimate sanctuary with calming natural elements, stylish side tables and the perfect space to live and grow. 


Ambient Lighting

Lighting is one of the most significant key elements that is often overlooked when it comes to designing and styling a home. When done right, you create a warm and inviting space, helping our bodies and minds transition into a more relaxed state that is ready for sleep. 

The latest technology in smart lighting allows users to control the lights with the touch of a button, including dimmers which work well as sleep aids with light saturation. Harsh overhead lights are on the way out as smart, and soft lighting takes over in ceiling and side table lamp forms. 



Studies have shown that incorporating plants into your living spaces improves your overall mental and physical health. The popular trend of bringing the outdoors in continues to go from strength to strength, showing no signs of slowing down. 

Opt for minimal green foliage plants that require low maintenance and thrive in indirect sunlight if you are keen to get stuck into this particular trend. They will add vibrant pops of colour to your bedroom and offer their full benefits with minimal effort. If you need a place to start, the rubber plant is often considered to be the ‘perfect bedroom plant.’ 


Colour Drenching

The term colour drenching refers to painting all surfaces in a room, taking the colour further than just the walls to drown the space in tones and shades. While this may seem overwhelming, it is an effective method of creating the illusion that smaller rooms are bigger than they are. 

Walls, skirting, doors, cupboards, radiators, and even window frames that are all painted in the same colour create a well-thought-out and sophisticated view. But if this feels like a more considerable commitment than you are willing to make, simply changing the ceiling and woodwork to a matching colour that is not shark white will soften the overall aesthetic and create a welcoming atmosphere. 



Panelling became a popular trend in 2021, which only continues this year. It is a timeless feature that instantly makes a room feel homely and traditional but with an updated edge. It can be used as an alternative to the traditional headboard or as a focal point behind a statement chair or side table. 

If you want to take this trend one step further, introduce wallpaper to your panelled wall, forming artwork by framing the wallpaper with panels. This is perfect for that eye-catching feature you have been after. 


Multifunctional Furniture

Despite the worldwide lockdowns being a thing of the past, many of us have decided to continue working from home in 2023, meaning multifunctional furniture is a key design element within many homes. Aside from the fact you can save money by investing in a versatile piece, it is a quick way to save on space in the room. 

By transforming a corner of your bedroom with a desk that can double up as a dressing table, you can effectively hide it at the end of the work day to maintain a stable work-life balance, which is crucial for a room dedicated to rest and sleep. 


Smart Blinds

In today’s age, anything that can be turned into smart technology is getting a convenient makeover to spread the idea of connected homes, including blinds. Smart blinds or automated electric blinds are the way of the future, with remote-controlled options no longer reserved just for Hollywood stars. 

The push behind connected homes is the ease integrated solutions offer for maintaining the perfect sanctuary in which you live. And by linking them to your home system, you can set them on timers, different speeds and heights for any time of day or night. 

Luxury Bed Linen

No bedroom is complete without the ultimate bed linen. Forget the ideas you may have that silk pillowcases and linen are strictly reserved for the summer months, as silk’s health benefits include regulating body temperature and reducing wrinkles and lines on the skin, making it the ideal choice all year round. 

Layer it with chunky knitted throws and soft linen PJs for the epitome of comfort and cosiness every single night.


Turn Your Bedroom Into The Sanctuary

Ottoman Beds

While the Ottoman-style bed is not a new concept, its popularity is seeing a revival in 2022 and 2023, thanks to the push for space-saving types of furniture in the home. In addition, their hidden storage draws make them ideal for anyone, especially for smaller rooms wanting to avoid clutter. 

Aside from the bonus drawers, customisation to individual tastes is a massive deciding factor for many making such a large purchase. Ensuring you have a bed that fits your colour scheme, sleep requirements, and preferred level of stiffness is essential for ensuring you can happily climb into bed every night. 


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