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How to upcycle a terracotta pot

How to upcycle a terracotta pot, becky goddard-hill

How to upcycle a terracotta pot

How to upcycle a terracotta pot – top tips

Would you like to know how to upcycle a terracotta pot?

This weather recently had been glorious and yet despite this my garden has been looking just so neglected. the grass is dry and there are big bare patches, I have been so busy I haven’t planted up any pots and I never got round to planting sweetpeas which are usually my pride and joy in the summer. Sucha shame. It is looking shabby.

I had a little time over the weekend and I decided to do something about it.

School trips and proms are taking all my pennies at the moment so I decided upcycling was the way forward. I have the brilliant Harris Brushes Upcycling Kit to review so I thought I would put it to use.

I decided to upcycle some old and actually really dirty and dingy terracotta pots that were lurking, abandoned and disused behind our shed.

Would you like to see how I got on?


How to upcycle a terracotta pot vlog


Here are the steps if you want to know how to upcycle a terracotta pot

  1. Wash in warm water (no soap)
  2. Leave out to dry where possible
  3. Spray with sealant to make waterprooof..do several coats and leave to dry between coats
  4. Pain with a primer of white opaque paint – leave to dry
  5. Paint with waterproof garden paints, use as many coats as required and leave to dry between coats

Ther is a bit of waiting between coats and drying but it is a simple task and a perfect one for a sunny day.


It was also really relaxing and my daughter ( who helped me with the project) and I really enjoyed chilling together, painting in the garden.


How to upcycle a terracotta pot


How to upcycle a terracotta pot – the kit

The Harris Upcycling kit came with brushes, sanding blocks and a protective sheet. Really useful! Harris Brushes are currently celebrating their 90th year in business – wow! Their brushes come with a lifetime guarantee which is awesome and means you can enjoy a professional finish and better performance for generations to come. I find cheap brushes beyond frustrating and they can easily ruin projects with straggly lines and errant hair! This kit is just perfect for this kind of job and a pleasure to use. It can be bought from Amazon

The kit includes 25mm round, 1″ and 2″ flat brushes for all areas. There is a long handled brush for greater reach and short handled brushes for restricted areas. I know I will use it on lots of future projects.

What do you think of the finished pots?

I am so happy with them.


I hope you have found my tutorial on how to upcycle a terracotta pot useful


upcycle a terracotta pot


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  1. August 11, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    Hi Becky! What a brilliant idea. This would bring more life and color to my garden! Why haven’t I thought of this when the weather was great. We’re getting a lot of rain nowadays.
    Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to make mine 🙂

  2. July 28, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Oooh the result looks great! How lovely. I do love to “waste not want not”

  3. Keri
    July 27, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    They look lovely. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I feel inspired to do it this weekend xx

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