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How to upcycle a wicker stool

How to upcycle a wicker stool


How to upcycle a wicker stool


How to upcycle a wicker stool with Harris Brushes

I have been pondering how to upcycle a wicker stool for ages but have felt a bit daunted

As my regular readers will undoubtedly know, much as I like lovely things, I also like to save money. And I hate waste. So where possible I make do and mend and where necessary I upcycle. I have a sweet little project I have been working on recently to share with you today.  I had so much fun undertaking it.

We were recently refound rather old, off white and a bit shoddy wicker stool up in our loft. I think as a garden stool to put drinks on or to stand plants on in our conservatory it’s just going to be a delight. But first, it needs an upcycle.


How to upcycle a wicker stool


Preparing to upcycle a wicker stool

Where to start with upcycling? Does it scare you? I think learning as you go is probably the best way and just getting stuck in and having a go. That being said there are always 2  steps I follow.

Step one:

Well, if in doubt I say do a google/youtube search and find yourself some good information from a trusted source. DIY is fine but to be guided in your DIY is just smart.

Step two

Do you prep, put on overalls, cover the ground, open the windows, sand and clean what needs upcycling. Do your prep – you will always be glad you did.

Step three

Use good tools. The Harris upcycling kit which includes 3 brushes is just £7.99 on Amazon.



A tutorial on how to upcycle a wicker stool

Okay so onto my wicker stool  – I just took a look at this tutorial then adapted it a little to the paint and tools I had

First of all, I wiped off cobwebs and dust and dirt with a warm cloth making sure I got into all the crevices ( aggh wicker can be tricky) then I made sure it was thoroughly dry before beginning.

I painted outside to start with but eventually, I had to move indoors as it was freezing! I placed a dustsheet underneath the stool to catch drips.

I used the long-handled upcycling brush from Harris brushes to get into the detail and I loved it so much I used it for almost the entire project. The Harris upcycling kit is rather fabulous actually. You get 1″ and 2″ flat brushes for all areas as well as a long-handled brush for greater reach and short handled brushes for restricted areas.  You also get a couple of useful sanding blocks plus a dustsheet and a free ‘How To…’ guide in every kit. Perfect for upcycling just about anything!


How to upcycle a wicker stool


I used Ronseal garden paint in Cool Breeze because I may use the stool outside in summer as a table. I gave it 3 coats.


The Benefits of  Harris Brushes

Harris brushes have so many benefits. They are smooth and paint just glides on with them. They do not shed hairs and they clean easily. Such a good quality brush and always my first choice. They give you such a good finish and help you make projects you are proud of. Over this past year, I have used them in a variety of projects and they really are first rate in my opinion.




Cleaning Harris Brushes

My Harris brushes were just so easy to clean with just hot water and the paint came right off. They are a dream to clean and to use! You can see the full range of Harris Brushes rollers and other tools by clicking throughh.


The finished project – my upcycle a wicker stool project

I am delighted with my upcycled wicker stool. I love the colour and it was such an easy project.

How to upcycle a wicker stool



I hope you have enjoyed this post on how to upcycle a wicker stool. You might also like my post on how to upcycle a terracotta pot

Are you an upcycling fan? If you are do tell me about your projects in the comment s below. I love to share ideas.

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I have been an ambassador for Harris brushes over the past year and using their brushes in my project has been a treat! Might you try  to upcycle a wicker stool/ You mihgt want to try and upcyle your bra wire too! 

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