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How to Update a Tired Living Space – Without Spending a Fortune

How to Update a Tired Living Space


Update a Tired Living Space

How to Update a Tired Living Space


How to Update a Tired Living Space

Are you wondering how to update a tired living space on a budget?

Feel as though your living area has gone from drab to fab? Seen so much inspiration in magazines and wish you could achieve the same look in your own home?

Then look no further!

I often get the urge to give my living spaces a bit of a revamp, especially when new seasonal trends hit the stores. However, I also know that when you’re juggling life and trying to stick to a budget – updating your home every year just isn’t possible.

So that got me thinking – how can you update a tired-looking living room without spending too much money?

Here are some ideas to help get you started:


Update a Tired Living Space, becky goddard-hill

How to Update a Tired Living Space

Create a Blank Canvas

If you want to be able to adapt your living room with changing fashions and seasons, it’s a good idea to create a blank canvas. Keeping things neutral will allow you to introduce accessories and colourful soft furnishings to bring the room to life.

Therefore, try to keep your sofa, walls and other key pieces of furniture neutral so they don’t need overhauling every time you want to decorate the room.

But if you don’t like the idea of having all your walls neutral, you can save time and expense by having a feature wall that you change with your room. What’s more, in my opinion, having just one wallpapered wall creates more impact than doing the whole lot.


How to Update a Tired Living Space


How to Update a Tired Living Space – Add Drama with Window Dressings

The next thing is to add another layer of design to the neutral room, enhancing spaces with gorgeous window dressings. With so many designs available, these budget-friendly finishing touches can really enhance the space.

For example, if you’re keen to achieve the on-trend rustic look in your home, companies like Direct Blinds have some gorgeous wooden designs available.

And the best bit?

These slot in effortlessly with patterned or colourful curtains for added wow factor.


How to Update a Tired Living Space


Finish Off with Accessories to Update a Tired Living Space

Now, to pull the look together, it’s time to add those all-important accessories. From cushions and rugs to candles and picture frames, it’s really easy to tie in the overall look while adding a truly magnificent feel to the room.

By adding these accessories you’re introducing new textures, layers, colors and designs, which really completes the look and adds panache.  It is a really good chance to bring your personality into the room isn’t and zazz (gosh I do love that word so much) your home with a big injection of your personal style direction.

You know that neutral sofa you thought looked boring?

Watch how it’s transformed with a couple of bright, on-trend cushions and a throw you can go for quirky, edgy, preppey, cutesy whatever takes your fancy – it is a great way to make it entirely your own and really bring it back to life. 

Update a Tired Living Space


Give it a try – accessorizing is simple costs little in terms of time effort and money but it can make such a difference

Essentially, to achieve an interior space that’s in keeping with trends, you don’t need to blow your budget. Just be savvy with your purchases and clever with how you decorate.

 I do hope you have enjoyed this post on how to update a tired living space.  Do you have any ideas to add? I alwasy love to hear from you so please chip in if you do have any ace ideas to share with the rest of us here.


How to Update a Tired Living Space


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