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How to update your holiday home – 10 simple steps

How to update your holiday home lets take a look at some awesome tips.


how to update your holiday home


Are you wondering how to update your holiday home? and are you wanting to update it in the offseason whilst you have a little time to do so? Well if you are I have some great design tips to share with you today


How to update your holiday home – 10 simple and effective tips

Schofields Insurance has recently written a great post on how to make your holiday home more instagrammable and have kindly allowed me to share some of them with you today.

Here are 10 of my favourite ways to update your holiday home:


The entrance

They suggest keeping the entrance light and bright and clutter-free and providing storage for coats and shoes





Plants make a lovely welcome for guests and are an inexpensive and effective holiday home addition. Many plants such as jasmine also have a lovely scent and this just adds to the welcome.



Additional mirrors, especially in the hallway are a great idea they add the illusion of space and increase the light.



Plenty of seating makes sure everyone is comfortable and light easily moveable chairs means people can sit how they wish which is perfect in a holiday home



Footstools make great additional seating and can easily be used as coffee tables too


Open shelving

Open shelving makes a nice feature in the kitchen and works to both stopp[ing it look too closed in and they allow guests to see what you have.


Fresh paint

How about freshly painting your bathroom? Everyone loves a super-smart bathroom  Dulux colour of the year 2020 – Tranquil Dawn is perfect to create a restful space. Got to be one of the best and cheapest ways how to update your holiday home



Co-ordinated soft furnishings

In the bedroom bedding, throws and cushions can all be tied into paint colours, to give a beautifully co-ordinated and cohesive look. Do  have a look at Imperial Rooms for some lovely home furnishing ideas.


Edible gardens

A really nice touch in your outdoor space is to provide a little container of herbs or perhaps tomatoes that guests can pick for their tea. Have a look here at the easiest herbs to grow




Garden lighting

Garden lighting is also a really nice and simple little update that allows guests to sit outside longer and enjoy their evenings.



So there you go, if you are looking to update your holiday home these tips should help!


How to update your holiday home is a collaborative post – you might also be interested in my post on holiday home interior design trends


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  1. kimberly @ manifestation owl
    November 20, 2019 / 10:08 pm

    The picture of the mirror reallly shows the dept it can add in a room. It was almost like I was looking at a window. Will try experimenting with my own mirrors this holiday 😀

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