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How to update your home for Autumn – 10 Best Ways

Are you wondering how to update your home for Autumn? A new season is a perfect time to introduce some changes to your home and change it’s vibe to fit the changing weather.  I see it as essential as upgrading my wardrobe and getting out my winter boots and coat and woolly jumpers. of course, your home needs a little autumnal update too.



Autumn is here

The leaves are turning the conkers are coming and oh hurray the kids are finally back at school. ( I’m quite missing them actually). The route by our canal has an abundance of blackberries. The heavy apples are scenting our garden and tumbling off the trees. I have had to put the heating on once or twice.

Autumn is here! I love Autumn. I like to brighten it inside as much as possible too and reflect the season in my home.

I have been doing this for years and every season I am inspired by new trends and ideas so I like to keep my updates fresh as well as bringing out some old favourites.

Today I want to share 10 ways with you on how to update your home for autumn.



How to update your home for Autumn

  • Curtains – I bring out my winter curtains for our lounge. Heavier curtains really help trap the heat in the room and just look so much more substantial. I love the blinds and voile we use in Spring-summer but heavier curtains add extra depth and warmth to a room
  • Candles – as summer ends I bring out the candles. They give such a lovely glow and additional light in the colder months and I like that I can bring the scent of Autumn into our home with them too. Pumpkin or blackberry are perfect scents for these months and really do help bring the outside in.
  • Rugs – I love the addition of rugs too. They set such a cosy scene and the extra layering provides a nice warm, soft tread underfoot. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you could even go bespoke – many online companies are offering made to measure and custom rugs these days. Designer Carpet’s rug builder is particularly easy to use and they offer free samples before you order.

Westex Westend Velvet Westend Suede from Designer Carpet



  • New Carpet – If you want to really go for the under feet feels then a new carpet would be a delicious autumnal interior change. Browns and reds and deep greens bring a natural/earthy and warm feel to a home interior. Paint your white walls a warmer cream and layer on rugs and your room will feel rich with colour and texture. Again, Designer Carpet has a huge range of beautiful colour carpets like the one above and they are well worth a visit.
  • Flowers – People tend to think of flowers as a Spring/Summer accessory but in my mind, it is forever time for flowers. Flowers like chrysanthemums, alstroemeria, lilies and carnations in ambers, oranges and red are perfect for these months. Nothing makes a home like flowers do.
  • Scent – Of course, comes from your abundance of candles and flowers but do consider changing up your air freshener for something earthy /woody for Autumn too. It is such a speedy way to heralds in the new season and gives the senses a lovely new experience. I love Neoms wellbeing pod for diffusing oils
  • Soft Furnishings – Pink and walnut are top trends this Autumn apparently so you might want to bring them into your home, perhaps a knitted pink throw? An inexpensive nod to current colour trends and a nice Autumn addition
  • Seasonal Trinkets – Handcrafted items are also a big interior design trend this Autumn. What could you make? I like to encourage my kids to collect leaves, conkers and other natural fallen treasures to display in a little walnut bowl on our mantle as a reflection of the season.
  • Soft Lighting Fixtures – These are a must for autumn and add the golden light perfect for snuggling down to a movie so investing in a few lamps is a great idea to update your home. The White Company do a range of lovely lamps
  • Artistic Pieces – Last, but not least, a wonderful Autumn update for your home is to change up your art prints. No need for new frames just choose some gorgeous autumn-inspired posters for a wonderful new look. If you can’t find any Autumnal prints that you like why not take some photos of Autumn scenes and enlarge. Desenio do some lovely prints and posters and have a great gallery wall feature

More ways to update your fall home 



So there you go 10 tips to help you update your home for Autumn and give it a little makeover. Are you feeling inspired and ready to change it up?



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