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How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

I want to tell you how to use social media to grow your blog – particluarly in regard to how to use pinterest to grow your blog.



How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

My go-to social media is Pinterest, it is absolutely awesome and it is by far and away my biggest traffic driver, at almost 75% of my monthly page views.

I started pinning about 4 years ago and this year  I have really upped my game. I am now spending more time making my pins look lovely and enticing so people click through to read my posts.

How do I do it?

Well after I have written a post I make a Pinterest sized image in Picmokey with an image from the blog post and write a caption for it. I use the paid version of picmonkey for this which is just a few pounds a month. It has a template for Pinterest so you get your sizes right but essentially you are aiming for a pin 1000 by 1500 pix. Many people I know use Canva for the same purpose.

Once I have my image with a compelling title (similar, but not always the same as my blog post title) I place it into my blog post. Next, I share my pin to Tailwind (again just a few pounds a month.) Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler and it allows me to share my pin to any of my relevant Pinterest boards (up to 10, 3 days apart) . This staggered scheduling gives my pins a really good chance to be seen and drive big traffic back to my blog.

My current best pin is this one: Kitchen trends in 2021

It is driving me at least a couple of hundred page views each and every day.



So we know how to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog but What about Google ?

Some influencers like James Hills  talk about how Google is their best source of traffic and that long formed, well keyword researched blog posts are their best way to get traffic. In fact he doesn’t rate Pinterest at all wheras I truly belive it will be around for the long term. He also sees Instagram as a bit of a fly by night too but I see huge value in Instagram. Let me tell you why.


How does Instagram help?

I think Instagram can be a huge help for growing blog traffic. In fact, it is like a little sales card in a shop window as far as I see it.

Here are some images from my rather eclectic Instagram.



Becuase you can put a link in your bio in instagram I will often use an image from a blog post I have wrtten on my grid. I write a little bit about it then put ‘to read more please follow the link in bio’ and this encourages people to click through.

I use insta stories and sometimes IGTV to introduce my subject too then lead people through to both read and follow my blog.

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog


Is facebook defunct?

Absolutely not. I have a page on facebook for each of my blogs and share every single blog post over there with my audience. Sometimes it gets shared from Facebook by other people which always really positively impacts the number of page views to my blog. Well worth the few seconds it takes to post there.


But isn’t this a young persons game?

Again, no.

Check out this list of successful influencers over 50

 Me? Well I’m 49, so perhaps next year, at this rate, I might make that list too.


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