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How To Weatherproof Your Summer Barbecue: Top Tips To Transform Your Garden

Are you wondering How To Weatherproof Your Summer Barbecue?

The weather in the UK is known for keeping us on our toes with its rapid changes during the summer months. Many of us have gotten our garden furniture out and ready, only to come back outside five minutes later to find the glorious sunshine has been replaced with the pouring rain. How can we combat the ever-changing British weather?

The trick is to not only think of your garden as a summer lounging area but as a space you can use for year-round comfort. Snuggle up under an awning with a blanket and a heater surrounded by evergreen bushes to keep away the wind and watch nature at work. We’ve compiled a list of tips to add shelter and warmth to your garden space so you can experience alfresco evenings, whatever the weather.


Awning – How To Weatherproof Your Summer Barbecue

During the warmer months, you’ll most likely want to spend as much time in your garden as possible. While this is an excellent way to unwind, spending too long in the sun can be harmful, which is why the first step in weatherproofing your garden should be to invest in a stylish awning. Awnings provide plenty of shade for you to enjoy the warmer weather without putting your health at risk.

Summer enjoyment is only one benefit an awning can bring you; with a suitable awning in your garden, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor seating all year without having to get soaked by the rain. This is especially useful if you plan a barbeque only for the summer rain to chase all your guests inside. When you’re looking for something suitable for your outdoor space, check out Nationwide Home Innovations Ltd. for a variety of awnings. You’ll be sipping hot chocolate covered in blankets in no time while watching the snowfall from the safety of your all-weather awning.


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There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to enjoy your outdoor space when a blustering wind is blowing through where you’re sat. Creating a nook using fences and hedging is the perfect way to provide shelter from all angles without losing the sun in the warmer months. When you surround your seating with hedges and fencing, you create windbreakers that guard against the elements so that you can enjoy your garden at any time of year. Turn your seating into a secret garden with a warm and inviting nook; choose scented shrubs such as rosemary to add an even more charming atmosphere.



A fire pit or outdoor heater is the perfect addition to every garden and can provide you with year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space without having to brave the cold and frosty months. There are plenty of heating solutions to choose from for your garden, such as tabletop fit pit, chimineas, portable electric or rechargeable heaters; there’s something to suit every style and need with even the tiniest heater providing heat for large areas.



If you want to enjoy your outdoor space during all types of weather, it’s crucial to have the right seating. If you have an awning, you could position your seating beneath it for fantastic alfresco dining or all-weather barbequing. During the colder months, bring the inside out with comfortable cushions and blankets in order to remain warm while enjoying watching the snowflakes fall in your garden or the winter birds flitter about a bird feeder. 


Floor Cushions

When you don’t have room for outdoor furniture, consider investing in floor cushions to take outside when you want to use your outdoor space. Turn an indoor nook into a relacing den when the cushions aren’t in use and transform your garden into an exotic paradise all year round when you want to relax outside.


Garden Room

If you’re not convinced an awning will provide you with enough cover from the elements, it might be worth constructing a summer house in your garden. Contrary to popular belief, these structures don’t have to be large and can be small enough to contain a few chairs or one loveseat that can be covered with cushions and blankets. Add some garden lighting with fairy lights or lanterns to create a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying the colder months from the comfort of a wooden shelter.



As we’ve mentioned already, blankets are vital in order to get the most out of your garden space all year round. Consider introducing different textures to your outdoor space by including rugs and scatter cushions in various patterns, colours and fabrics to create a warm and inviting vibe. Imagine snuggling into warm fluffy blankets around a fire pit with a hot drink on a snowy evening after work; you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a fairy tale as you watch nature work and possibly enjoy a book in the glow of the fire.

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