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How we celebrate Christmas Morning #TreetopiaChristmasMornings

Today – How we celebrate Christmas morning

I am so excited to be working with Christmas tree store Treetopia this Christmas in a unique blog hop that celebrates and shares How we celebrate Christmas Morning. Treetopia has partnered with ten amazing lifestyle bloggers from both the US and the UK to showcase their talent in creating Christmas displays to remember. They sent us each one of their wonderful trees and challenged us to style it. They also asked us to share with you how we spend our Christmas morning.


How we celebrate Christmas Morning, becky goddard-hill


Today is my turn which is very exciting.

Isn’t this the most stunning Christmas tree?

Treetopia sells a host of colourful trees and I personally have always wanted a white Christmas tree.I have always wanted my home to look like a winter wonderland, this year my dreams came true.

This beautiful Skimmed Milk Pencil tree is just stunning and reviewing it has been such a pleasure. It comes pre-lit which is such a time-saver and it actually needs NO decorations. It is stunning in its wintery simplicity.

Look how beautiful it looks in my hallway, no decorations and neatly slotted into a small space by the door to welcome people in.




How we celebrate Christmas Morning

I live in a fairly small, busy and bustling house and I also work from home. We do not have space really for a large full figured tree and yet year after year we have persisted. Having this beautiful, slimmed down tree in our home has been a complete revelation. It is utterly lovely and totally magical yet it does not take over. This is a tree I can happily live with.



Styling the tree

I was tempted to leave the tree bare as it really is so beautiful!

But I have styled it and I have styled it to reflect what is most important about Christmas in my home.

My family.

Much as I  would like my home to look stylish and minimalistic my style desires are completely overridden by the fact my home is a family home and it centres around my children. Over the years my clever, beautiful, creative, kind children have made me so many handmade Christmas decorations and I love these above and beyond any stylish decorations, I could ever buy.





I think they epitomize what Christmas is all about to me – family and love.

I have decorated this beautiful tree with the colour and clatter of my children’s love for Christmas and I think it looks so lovely. The white of the tree sets off the fabulous unique decorations that have been made with such love. Stylish they may not be but oh! arent they just the best!




How we celebrate Christmas Morning

Our Christmas mornings are always very special. I know each family has their own traditions. Let me tell you about ours

We always blow kisses to the skies for our loved ones who are no longer with us on Christmas Eve and light our Christmas candle. We then read The Night Before Christmas and I tell the children the story of the nativity using a wooden set we have had for years.



When Christmas morning comes we will pile the children’s presents up beneath the tree.

My children will get up earlier than we might like but still, we allow ourselves to be pulled from our sleep. Their excitement is contagious. They open their stockings sat on our bed then we pile down for breakfast. I keep it simple with croissants and orange juice and a good strong coffee to wake me up,

Just as soon as breakfast is over they rush to find their gifts under the tree. We take out one gift at a time taking it in turns to unwrap and ooh and ahh over it. So lovely. My children are very lucky and have a big family so they get a lot of gifts. We save some for after lunch.



The morning is spent playing, welcoming our guests (my aunty and in-laws often pop by) and just generally being together. After Christmas dinner (which I keep really simple)  we will often go for a little walk just to get a blow of fresh air.We come back to hot chocolate and hunker down in the warmth of the Christmas lights to play new board games and eat Christmas treats,   later we might watch a movie snuggled together.

A perfect family day under our perfect family tree.

I cannot wait!

How do you decorate your tree? and what do you do on Christmas morning?


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I hope you have enjoyed my post on How we celebrate Christmas Morning

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