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How You Can Reduce Your Plastic Output in Your Business & at Home

Lets tale a look today at how to reduce your plastic output

Everyone has certain responsibilities when it comes to protecting the environment. One of the key ways you can do this is by cutting your plastic usage and more importantly the amount of plastic waste you produce. Individual efforts in reducing plastic usage add up over time, but the results are even better if the same efforts are made on a business level.

A report published by the Guardian shows that around 320 million tonnes of plastic was produced in 2015 alone. This is staggering amount is more than the combined weight of all people on Earth! Excess plastic usage at home and in businesses has a profound impact on the oceans. Plastics and micro plastics make their way to the oceans, kill or harm marine life, and can threaten entire ecosystems, so cutting plastic usage has become an absolute necessity.

So, what can you do to reduce your plastic footprint in your home or in your business? And where exactly should you start?


Filtered Tap Water to help reduce your plastic output

Whenever you go to the beach you’ve surely noticed the large number of plastic water bottles lying on the sand and even in the waves. Along with plastic bags, plastic bottles are probably the most common plastic object we use in our daily lives. Not only at home, but plastic bottles are widely used at the workplace.

Some people prefer to drink bottled water because they think tap water is lower quality than bottled water. In most cases, there is not issue with drinking tap water, though in some countries the tap water may not be safe to drink. Even so, there are many alternatives to plastic bottles.

If you are still unsure about the quality of tap water, you can install a filter on the tap. Filtered water doesn’t only taste great, but it’s a lot healthier and often a safer option than bottled water.




And if you are bottling your own try finding a Plastic Caps Manufacturer that deals with recycled materials for a greener investment

Have More Reusable Cutlery

A single-use plastic plate might be convenient for a few minutes or for one serving, but think about the damage it will cause to the environment once you throw it away. Many people love plastic cutlery, as it is cheaper and seems a safer alternative to reusable cutlery. However, there is some evidence that food and drinks served in plastic may be harmful to your health.

The simple truth of plastic cutlery is that it is not “convenient”. In fact, dumping large volumes of plastic waste in landfills causes significant damage to the environment is extremely inconvenient. Reusable cutlery is the only viable option. Not only can they be rewashed and reused over and over again, but they don’t put your health at risk. As a business owner, it’s your duty to supply reusable cutlery for your office kitchen or break room to cut plastic usage.


Reduce Plastic in your Operations

Your team knows the volume of plastic they use in their day-to-day operations. So, the first step in going green is to ask your employees to focus on cutting plastic usage. You may have to conduct a workshop or a special meeting where you tell your employees the reasons you want to make your office greener and how it can benefit them, the business, and the planet.

You could also use incentives to encourage your staff in this regard, as these will get your employees to thinking of more creative ways to cut plastic usage. Small changes in your business’ operations, such as using cloth bags as alternatives for product packaging, avoiding single-use plastic products like straws and coffee cups, and abandoning plastic bags can make a big difference.


Avoid Disposable Coffee Cups

If you still have a set of disposable coffee cups next to the coffee machine, it is time for a change. You will be shocked to learn the number of coffee cups thrown in the landfill every year. Despite often being called “paper cups”, these cups are lined with plastic so they are not recyclable. This means the coffee cup you use for a few minutes ends up in the landfills and stays there for decades.

There’s no excuse for not using reusable coffee mugs instead. They are safer, healthier, and a more cost-effective option. If it’s not possible to supply coffee mugs for your office, you can ask your staff to bring their own reusable coffee cups to the office.


Reduce Your Plastic Output


Educate and Inspire Those Around You – Reduce Your Plastic Output 

It is the combined efforts of many people that can bring a big transformation when it comes to tackling the world’s plastic problem. If you care about the environment, do your bit to spread the word. Use creative ideas to educate people about how plastic usage can affect the economy and their jobs in the coming years. Show others inspiring and evocative videos such as drowning in plastic documentary to encourage them to make changes in their own lives.

Cutting your plastic usage, whether at home or in your business, is all about reduce, reuse, and recycle. Simple changes can make a big difference, especially if you encourage others to do


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