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How You Can Transform Your Home With Roof Windows

Roof windows are an excellent way to bring the outside in and create a more open, airy feeling inside your home. They can also be used as room dividers and to increase the amount of natural lighting! Here’s how you can transform your home with roof windows.


Add a Roof Window to the Entrance of your House

Roof windows add so much character to any house. If you want to make a statement about yourself when people come over, then this is definitely one of the best ways to do it.

Roof windows complement many home aesthetics. In an entryway it is the perfect opportunity to retain as much wall space as possible for shoe racks and coat hooks, whilst still having natural light. Using a roof window instead of a regular window allows additional space without compromising on natural light. 

Unsure if your entryway would suit a roof window, don’t worry – there’s plenty of other options available for you too.


How You Can Transform Your Home With Roof Windows


Use them as Room Dividers in Smaller Rooms

If you live in a smaller apartment or condo where having a large window isn’t possible, you can consider using smaller sized options that can be divided.

This option is fantastic for smaller rooms because they let light into dark areas without letting all the heat out, making them especially perfect for living spaces such as bedrooms, offices, etc.

These work beautifully in a loft conversion to make the most of the space available, for instance creating a living and working space in the loft without having to create two separate rooms. You can decorate one side of the roof window as an office space and the other side as a more relaxing space.

The options for this are so vast and you can create any style of space that you desire with the addition of a roof window.


Make an Open-Air Living Space by Adding One or More Roof Windows

If you’re looking to turn your indoor area into an oasis, adding a few roof windows will help achieve this goal. These windows allow plenty of sunlight through while still keeping cool temperatures from entering your home.

Having various roof windows around your home can also create serious curb appeal, since most homeowners love seeing their houses from the street. This makes them ideal additions to those who plan on selling soon or just want to boost up the value of their property. Roof windows can make a loft room maximise the space and adding an extra room to a property is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home.

Another reason why these windows are useful is that they provide natural light throughout the day. Not only does this improve the overall appearance of your property, but it allows you to keep track of time easily. When you need some extra illumination, simply pull up the shade and enjoy the sun.



Bring Some Character into any Property

Adding roof windows gives a new lease of life to any building. Many older homes were built before modern materials were readily accessible, which means their structures may not hold up well against extreme weather conditions. However, roof windows can actually last longer than other types of glass, making them ideal for anyone who wants to save money and increase longevity at the same time.


Increase Energy Efficiency

Using roof windows helps reduce energy costs year round. As they aren’t made of traditional material like vinyl or fiberglass, they won’t break down under harsh elements like rain and snow. Plus, since they block less heat than regular windows, they’ll stay cooler in warmer climates and hotter in colder ones. Making sure the weather outside does not influence the climate control of inside your home.


Reduce Noise Pollution

When it comes to noise pollution, location is everything. While many roofs already have vents installed, installing additional roof windows on top can significantly cut back on the amount of sound coming in. That said, each roof has its own unique characteristics, meaning no two properties are exactly alike. So talk to your local contractor to find out the specifics of your own home.


Improve Air Quality

Roof windows filter harmful particles from the outdoors, they eliminate pollutants from being inhaled by people inside your house. In addition, when compared with standard windows, they don’t emit nearly as much VOCs into the air.

Having a trusted expert on hand for your roof window choice is important. During the planning phase, having expert installers on hand can help make the installation process simple and sufficient.

The committed and knowledgeable team at YARD Direct are available to help with your decision making process when it comes to deciding on the perfect Roto Roof Window for your home.


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