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How do I find a cleaner near me?

How do I find a cleaner near me? It is easy when you know how


The Untold Benefits of Getting a Cleaner

Recently, I wrote about the stunning things you can do to improve your well-being today. In it, I looked at the importance of striving to become a better, happier and more positive person and what you can do to achieve it. Some of the things I suggested included:


  • Get regular check-ups
  • Read more
  • Go for a walk every day
  • Make your home healthier
  • Spend time with positive people


How do I find a cleaner near me? and what are you looking for?

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and what makes you happy and ignites your productivity won’t necessarily work for your friend or colleague. But whatever you choose to do, you’re probably wondering where a cleaner fits into all this. The answer is a commodity we all want more of, but struggle to create. I’m talking about time.

According to a recent study by London Cleaning System, the average Brit spends an average of 2,175 days of their lives doing household chores. Let’s break that down. That’s a massive six years of your life. The study surveyed 2000 people and looked at twenty typical household chores.

 How do I find a cleaner near me?


Cleaning: A Major Time Drain and Source of Stress

As the study found, one of our most time-consuming household chores is cleaning:


Type of cleaning Time consumed
Patio cleaning 28 days
Driveway cleaning 29 days
Cleaning car 42 days
Washing windows 55 days
Tidying cupboards 68 days
Dusting 76 days
Changing beds/towels 47 minutes
Tidying bedroom 87 days
Hoovering 116 days
Cleaning the bathroom 118 days
Washing up 170 days
Washing clothes 177 days


Looking at that table, more than 50% of those 2000 days is spent on cleaning. Now, let’s be honest, who genuinely enjoys these chores? For many, cleaning can even be stressful at times. According to House Beautiful, 51% of Brits stress about the cleanliness of their home and this isn’t helped that 70% of us are unable to actually find the time to clean our homes.

We all lead busy lives and, in the grand scheme of things, cleaning the house tends to take a backseat. But worrying about being judged by friends and family can take its toll, so we clean anyway — even at the expense of doing the things we enjoy.

Taking the time to create a clean environment is great for your mental health. Clean house, clean mind: nothing screams out stress and dysfunction like an untidy home. But is it possible to enjoy a clean home without sacrificing your downtime?


How do I find a cleaner near me? Finding the Right Cleaner

Finding a good and reliable cleaner can help create more time to do the things you enjoy. Getting a cleaner means not only will your home likely look cleaner than it ever has before, but you’ll also avoid those stressful situations where you have to rush around to tidy up before a last-minute guest arrives.

You may be hesitant to hire a cleaner, thinking you could spend that money on other things. That is a factor, but the benefits of hiring a cleaner more than justify the investment.


How I found a cleaner near me

Ashley Williams, assistant professor at Harvard Business School, says that people who spend money to save time are happier than those who spend it on material goods — significantly so.If you take pride in your home and enjoy cleaning the house yourself, by all means, carry on! But if you’re a bit short on you-time, know that finding an expert cleaner near you is a very viable option. Instead of opting for the first cleaner you can find, take the time to compare rates and find someone you can trust. You are, after all, letting this individual into your home. Done properly, hiring a cleaner can help save you time, money and stress —  and that’s difficult to argue with.

I found my cleaner by asking around


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  1. October 4, 2018 / 3:04 am

    Wow this post was very insightful!

    I run a cleaning company in Nottingham and I knew what I do genuinely helps people. But that’s a wild statistic. 6 years of their lives cleanings? That’s crazy! I fell much better now with what I do. Knowing that I help people get back what you literally can’t buy, more time to do what they want vs cleaning.

    No off to have a cuppa with some nice peace of mind 🙂


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