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Ideas for a Digital Christmas- How to Make it Amazing

Who knows what might actually happen but it does look like ideas for a digital Christmas are going to be needed – it appears to be on the cards one way or another. So I say it is time to get planning and get some ideas out, shared and in the diary.


Ideas for a Digital Christmas


Here are my top 5 ideas for a digital Christmas that is pretty fabulous!

  • Whilst digital is all the rage don’t forget the happy power of snail mail – everyone loves a letter or a little parcel why not go old skool this year and get posting?
  • Go to town on your decorating  fill your house with fabulousness so your kids feel super festive and so no matter where you digitally connect form in your home it will look Christmassy
  • Take absolutely tons of photos of your crafts your walks, your gifts, your cakes making everything and share these in the family WhatsApp group you must set up!
  • Have a cook along. Why not bake your Christmas cake at the same time as your best friend and chat as you go – you can compare recipes and cakes and share a tipple too if you feel in the mood!
  • Be enthusiastic and engaged when you talk to your kids about Christmas if you convey a digital Christmas will be fun then they will pick up on that feeling and echo it You can be a radiator or a drain and it is a great lesson for kids that no matter what the circumstances we really can create our own happiness! You can read more about catching feelings and how to help kids have positive thoughts in my new wellbeing book for 6-12 year olds  Create Your Own Calm



I asked a selection of my favourite bloggers for their input and ideas for a digital Christmas that is totally awesome.

Ideas for a digital Christmas abound and can be lots of fun.


ideas for a digital Christmas


Ideas for a digital Christmas

Making use of technology is going to be key for staying in touch with lots of video calls to open gifts or even share meals. Www.goingonanadventure.co.uk

Lovely Lizzie is taking no chances and is having her Christmas lunch with relatives NOW so they definitely get it in (and if they are lucky they might get two!) https://missielizzie-meandmyshadow.blogspot.com


Don’t Forget Santa in your ideas for a digital Christmas

With Santa’s Grotto’s experiences, this year probably not happening we recommend a video call with Santa, which guarantee’s children meeting Santa this year from the comfort of your own home. www.santascallingyou.co.uk


Getting in the digital Christmas spirit

We are having a family quiz night on zoom. Christmas Jumper theme with snacks and surprises.

I’m really hoping we aren’t going to not be able to see out families this Christmas. However, if that is the case one thing we will definitely do is an online quiz with some relatives on Zoom. Love playing games at Christmas. Maybe lots of Family-related questions? Got to forfeits too 😉 https://theanamumdiary.co.uk

I love the idea of dressing up in Christmassy clothes and doing a festive karaoke on Zoom with family or friends (and a few glasses of bubbly 🙂) https://hannahandthetwiglets.com

We are designing digital Christmas card and thank you cards to send to everyone this year.
We will send via email or whatsapp/fb etc and will save us money on cards/stamps etc and the kids are enjoying personalising and creating them for themselves.


More and more awesome ideas for a digital Christmas

Online quiz called Kahoot! is a winner for digital family game night! ( Thanks Jules – not a blogger)

Office party – has to be done, cracker you pull yourself, too much vino and a bad jumper! get that date in the diary! – Becky  www.emotionallyhealthykids.com

Playing board games together via Skype or zoom. Games like charades and Pictionary will also work well, especially if you send cards around beforehand. www.Pennyplays.co.uk

We sing carols with my brother playing the guitar in Florida and me the piano here in the UK with family singing. Got plenty of ideas as in 11 years we’ve only spent 1 Christmas together. www.rainydaymum.co.uk

Joint watch party for a film with remote relatives (we’ll voice chat on discord while watching). #FamilyFilmNight will go on! Https://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

Sally gives you a guide to the best hallmark Christmas movies in 2020 – what more do you need?

Naomi also shares some great binge watch series she has found over the year – that’ll keep you busy!



Christmas Eve ideas for a digital Christmas

During lockdown, my kids and their friends recorded bedtime stories for each other to watch and listen to at bedtime. Thinking of reviving this for a Christmas Eve version with them recording stories like  The Nutcracker, Father Christmas Needs A Wee etc! https://missmanypennies.com

And making a little reindeer dust will definitely send a bat signal to Santa to still pop by

We are going to play charades via zoom on Christmas Day. It’s a classic Christmas tradition which doesn’t need to stop just because we can’t all be together. The kids will also be having Christmas Eve hot chocolate on zoom as they usually spend the evening getting excited together www.allaboutamummy.co.uk

On Christmas Eve, we are going to be doing a FaceTime reading of “The Night Before Christmas” with all our little nieces and nephews x https://www.emmainbromley.co.uk


ideas for a digital Christmas


Gift ideas for a digital Christmas

We are doing a digital secret Santa. We do it every year anyway because our family is spread to all corners of the globe. We draw names out of a hat on Skype in advance and each send a gift to our secret family member.

For the grown ups I will bake cookies or make some preserve or jam with the kids then decorate the labels and jar them up as gifts for relatives to open. I think giving a personalised gift like that is really nice and gives the kids something positive to focus on despite not seeing their grandparents. www.themummybubble.co.uk

An Advent from the Kids for Grandparents – where the kids create a craft / drawing / letter for the grandparents to open each day of December x https://www.realmumreview.com

We’ve moved to Chicago from England this summer and so our Christmas is going to be very digital! We’re thinking normal Christmas Eve drinks with friends tradition will now be online, A bit trickier with the time difference but not impossible! Www.monkeyandpal.com


Ideas for a digital Christmas – On the day

My mam is always up super early so I think I’ll set our phone up on a video call so she can watch the kids open their presents. Normally I just send her videos later but I think she’ll really enjoy being part of it this year! https://www.nomipalony.com

We’re going to be doing a Christmas Day present ‘hunt’
So a bit like an Easter egg hunt – but with one crucial difference…we skype in relatives who’s present it’s from to give clues and if they’re getting ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ – so they can still see the kids faces too when the pressies are open.
digital Christmas

The last few years the girls have opened their stockings while chatting to their grandparents on FaceTime, showing off everything as they unwrap it. They will no doubt be doing it again this year! We are four hours drive away so this year isn’t too different to any other for us, though we do usually see each other at New Years. mamageek.co.uk

We are going to make Christmas videos with kids for the family members we won’t be able to see and send them on Christmas morning. We plan to sing “we wish you a merry Christmas” on them but have realised we need to find some backing music to cover our terrible voices! https://chelmsfordwithchildren.co.uk

We will be having a Christmas Day celebrations via zoom. Each household will prepare their foods, drinks, crackers etc and be ready for lunch time. This call will be projected on a wall or TV such we can all interact with each other and no one is glued to a small laptop screen.
I’ve been assigned to do the DJ as well 🤣

 Christmas door

Digital Christmas fun

I think finding safe places where you can go for a socially distanced walk is one way of spending time with family. We have scoped our a nature reserve for a Christmas walk (and maybe you could facetime along with your walk is family is just too far away or were unable to meet?)   www.whosthemummy.co.uk

A family board game later on in the day (we’ve already had battleships and guess who battles via Skype!). Https://monkeyandmouse.co.uk

We had a “digital Easter” this year. We live in France, my eldest son in England and my Sister in Northern Ireland. We couldn’t all get together for an Easter meal because of lockdown, so we arranged to all eat together. We logged into Zoom and sat down for dinner together. We had different meals, but we were able to chat and laugh and almost be together. We set an extra place at our dinner table for the laptop. It was a strange but enjoyable experience. One we will be doing again this Christmas.

Will be an odd one this year, but alongside using FaceTime so Grandparents can watch presents being opened, it will be set up on the table so we can all ‘digitally’ enjoy eating Christmas Dinner together too! The closest we can get to them actually being there! x simslife.co.uk



Quiz time!

Quiz time is a must-do  for a digital Christmas

Have you heard of House of Quiz? It is a brilliant quizzing website perfect for a digital Christmas. They have just released some Christmas quizzes that  I think you and your loved ones will love.

 Each is 5 rounds long and the scoring system is similar to Ken Bruce’s Popmaster on BBC Radio 2 (Q5 and Q10 are bonuses and worth double).

The first round is a picture round and the second is a standard question and answer round. The third round is always a “special” round which has some sort of game or twist involved – they’re all very fun!

Every quiz has a music round with a link to either Spotify or Apple Music so you can play with the actual music if you want to and the last round is called the MashUp: it’s a mix of pictures, general knowledge and a bit of competitive fun.

All the quizzes are genuinely great and lots of fun and I think they will make a brilliant addition to your Christmas

I really do hope you have been inspired by these ideas for a digital Christmas


ideas for a digital Christmas


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