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Gifts for 14 year old Boys

Gifts for 14 year old boys – lets take a look at the best ideas around.

gifts for 14 year old boys

Gifts for 14 year old boys 


Are you struggling for ideas for gifts for 14 year old boys?

Are you in a quandary over gifts for 14 year old boys? Do they just say they want money? Or do their parents suggest that to you as they are out of ideas too?

Does it seem that all they are interested in is tech and that unless you have the funds for a new iPhone or the best ever headphones here really is just nothing to buy them in terms of gifts?

Well think again. It doesn’t have to be so difficult,

I am not a fan of just shoving money in a card and I simply adore giving surprises and having a pressie to hand over.

If you struggle for gift ideas for this age group worry no more.

I actually have loads of ideas for this age group and there are truly are some brilliant gifts for 14 years old boys for every budget.

I have 5 nephews and a son of my own all in their teens so you can trust I know what I’m talking about here! I have bought plenty of gifts for 14 year old boys in my time. Plus I have been over at WICKED UNCLE who sell a really interesting range of gifts for 14 year old boys to bring you some ace ideas.


Gifts for 14 year old boys

Here you are – a range of awesome ideas for gifts for 14 year old boys that range in price and in interest. You will definitely hit the spot with one of these.


Hydraulic robot arm – Gifts for 14 year old boys

I think this hydraulic robot arm looks just absolutely fabulous. Kids get to make it and use it – and through assembling the pieces they get to really see how hydraulic power works.  Lots of process fun and they will be so proud of their creation.

Once made they are able to use it to grab onto and lift objects that weigh up to 50g with the gripper or switch to the sucker cup attachment to lift items with smooth surfaces.

A great educational toy that just feels like the best fun too. ( Don’t you just love a good educational toy in disguise. An adults dream.)



gifts for 14 year old boys



Grow it bonsai trees  – unusual but timeless gifts for 14 year old boys

At 14 boys probably they may be well past growing cress and sunflowers but they may find this rather more sophisticated gardening project really cool.

Bonsai trees take love and dedication and it is something they will keep for many, many years. Such a rewarding gift and one that could last a lifetime.  I think this Grow it bonsai tree kit could be a very big hit with the any child.

The kit has absolutely everything that you need and contains growing pots made from coconut husk, compost discs which expand when watered, four packets of seeds and a booklet containing growing tips.

gifts for 14 year old boys


Gardening of any kind has so many mental health benefits too, it is relaxing and absorbing and creative. You may just give them an interest that will  be both fun and great for them now and in the long term.


Mancala – Gifts for 14 year old boys can be cultural

We have long been fans of Mancala in our home and I think it makes the BEST gift idea for well..just about anyone. It’s quick to learn and simple ( yet tricky too) and play lasts around 5 minutes.

It is perfect to take away on holiday, the whole family can join in and it is a bit addictive.







Colour changing mood lights – perfect gifts for 14 year old boys

The teen years bring with them a bit of angst (okay a lot of angst) and many teens find themselves spending a lot of time in their bedroom, chilling on their own. listening to music, talking to friends or perhaps writing their journal. They may also spend a lot of time in bed thinking and daydreaming. So how about a gift that acknowledges that?

What could be more relaxing than a colour changing mood light?

It’s very cool and rather funky and mesmerisingly calming. This one even twists like a tornado!


mood light


Isn’t it funky.


Chocolate eyeballs – the best of gifts for 14 year old boys

Because every 14 year old boy is still really (no matter what they say) a little boy at heart,  this is the best of these gifts in my opinion.

Who wouldn’t want to bite into a large gooey eyeball that is made of chocolate and that oozes blood (strawberry sauce.)


I would rather like some of these myself!


gifts for 14 year old boys


Gifts for 14 year old boys  – over to you

I hope you have found these ideas for gifts for 14 year old boys inspiring and I hope it has made your gift buying a little bit easier too! Don’t be afraid to go for something quirky it is much more fun to have a surprise gift than money shoved in a card.

At least I think so, and, as a gift giver it will make you smile a whole lot more too to choose awesome Gifts for 14 year old boys



Further reading on from Gifts for 14 year old Boys

I do hope you are now feeling encouraged in your gift shopping. It can be so much fun to buy for this age group and you don’t HAVE to just resort to gift cards and cash.

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Pin gifts for 14 year old boys for later …


gifts for 14 year old boys


I wonder about your thoughts on  giving gifts to others 

As always I do love to hear from you and I am interested to know – do you prefer giving gifts you can wrap that are a surprise too?

I am 48 and I still love my birthday gifts to be a mystery! i think being thoughtful about gifts really does show you care far more than the amount you spend.

I love to think that I have been properly thought about – I think everybody does, it is a sign that someone cares about you isn’t it and that they have time and energy for you and that they are sending you all their good wishes too. 



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