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50 Best Random Acts of Kindness For Kids – FREE PRINTABLE

Random Acts of Kindness For Kids are brilliant, they inspire kids, motivate them and delight them. I have some brilliant examples in this post for you 

Random acts of kindness week and an absolutely awesome thing to get children involved in. Kindness is scientifically proven to make both the giver and receiver happier and to help them feel more connected so really it is the perfect antidote to the lockdown blues.

Have a look at my TEDx talk on how to raise kind kids to see how passionate I am about this! 




365 days of Kindness and Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

You can also take a peek at my latest book 365 days of Kind which inspires kids every single day through quotes, activities and affirmations to be their kindest selves. It is a beautiful ift idea and inspires kids to be motivated by kindness each and every day rather than just once in a while. A perfect present. 


365 days of Kindness, RAOK for kids




Best Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas For Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas For Kids


50 Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

  • Give someone an unexpected compliment
  • Make a thank you note to your parents /carers
  • Make a bookmark for your aunty/uncle and pop it in the post
  • Help make dinner
  • Gift your weeks pocket money to a charity
  • Make up a parcel for a homeless person*
  • Sort out your old toys for a charity shop*
  • Feed the ducks (seed not bread)
  • Tidy your room without being asked
  • Give someone (you know) a big hug
  • Offer to read to someone
  • Bake a cake for your family
  • Play a game you know your sibling loves
  • Ask someone how their day was and really LISTEN to the answer
  • Smile at a passer by
  • Tell someone why you like them
  • Plant something
  • Have a no complaining day
  • Call a friend and ask them how they are
  • Do a chore without being asked


Aren’t these all just the loveliest of ideas? Guaranteed to cheer everyone’s spirits



More Random Acts of Kindness Ideas For Kids …

  • Chalk a message saying hello gorgeous on the pavement
  • Put out some water for the birds
  • Make a beautiful posy of paper flowers & tie it to your fence
  • Colour in and send a hello postcard to a pal
  • Sign up to postpals and write to a poorly child
  • Leave a thank you note stuck to your dustbin
  • Leave a thank you note above your post box
  • Make a be kind poster and display it in your window
  • Make a playlist for your parents of all their favourite songs
  • Do a Litter pick
  • Make wildflower seed bombs
  • Email your sports coach and tell them what they mean to you
  • Wash your family car
  • Do a sponsored skip/walk/silence and raise money for charity
  • Write your MP about something that could be better in your area
  • Leave a little heart made of pebbles or leaves on your path
  • Make a simple bird feeder
  • Learn a dance with your siblings and perform It for your grandparents on zoom
  • Ask your local nursing home if someone might like a letter
  • Show an interest in a family members hobby
  • Make everyone’s bed for them
  • Draw a picture for someone you miss
  • Make a heart out of leaves or flowers and leave it in the park
  • Start a dinner time conversation telling everyone your favourite thing about them
  • Send a thank you message to your teacher
  • Help empty the dishwasher
  • Find a positive quote and make it in a lovely sign to put on your fridge
  • Start a food box collection for a food bank
  • Write inspiring words on stones (like calm and breathe and peace) and leave them round your neighbuorhood
  • Give your pet a big cuddle



Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

Ideas for random acts of kindness for kids 


Even More Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

My own book Create Your Own Kindness  is a well being activity book for kids aged six to 12. It has  50 activities to teach kids to be kinder to themselves, other people and in fact to the whole world. and includes many Random Acts of Kindness ideas for kids

It is a perfect book for a classroom teacher for for an individual and it is both fun, eductaional and inspirational



Acts of Kindness For Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas For Kids


Ideas include mediation, tai chi, homemade gifts, nature crafting, being a superstar sibling plus ways to connect with grandparents an to be kinder at home.

Each idea is underpinned with just a little bit of science to show kids how and why it works and the book is beautifully illustrated.


Random Acts of Kindness For Kids in book form!


Lovely lockdown kindness Random Acts of Kindness Ideas For Kids

During the first lockdown, my kids decorated cardboard heart wreaths with positive messages and when we went on our walk, we tied them to people’s front gates.

Lots of people posted in our local group saying they had found them and it had brightened their day. Www.Coffeecakekids.Com

We took the opportunity to use our crafting skills and we created pictures using all things cheery … glitter,sunshine, rainbows and then more glitter! We then sent them to the children’s grandmothers care home to be distributed to the residents. We received some beautiful photos of the residents with their pictures and the impact it made on their day was clear to see. Just wonderful. http://Www.bestlodgeswithhottubs.co.uk

We have printed colouring sheets and coloured them before sending to our local nursing and residential homes www.boorooandtiggertoo.com


More Free Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Resources

You can find free thankyou posters to colour in for keyworkers here



kindness acts

kindness acts

Random Acts of Kindness for kids – Free Printable

Would you like to be able to print out these lovely ideas? Well you can simply click here to immediately print off a copy for your child/class : Random acts of kindness kids can do in lockdown


Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for kids


Pass on kindness

Obviously it is no longer lockdown but all these ideas are still super useful and valid. do you think you r kids would enjoy giving any of these a go? Woudl any of you think passing it on yto your child’s teacher might be useful for RAOK week or wold kindness day perhaps?

I do love it when kindness ideas are shared  because after all kindness is what makes the world go round isn’t it?


Also thank you to the following contributors of Random acts of Kindness Ideas for kids





Parenting can be very divisive – many of us take different paths from each other and emphasize different qualities we would like our kids to develop. But when it comes to kindness parents are absolutely unified. Kindness matters.



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I do hope that you enjoyed this post on 50 ideas kindness acts for kid if you have any kindness acts ideas to share i would love to hear from you 

And there are loads of ideas here for kids to thank essential workers for their kindness acts

And check out these downloadable random kindness acts cards for kids

And don’t forget to have read of my Create your own Kindness book which is packed with kindness acts for kids


Kindness Acts

50 Kindness Activities for kids

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