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Ideas to Separate Home Roles

Are you looking for ideas to seperate home roles?

Whilst being at home it is incredibly tough to separate a working life from a home and family life. It sometimes feels like it’s all thrown in the pot together and everything wants attention at the same time. It can be distracting in all scenarios.

If you crave a small working space away from the madness happening within the house, there are things you can do that create separation for occasions where you need your own space to work.


Spare Room or Bedroom

Simply having a dedicated desk space in a room makes all of the difference, giving you a drive and separation from everyday life chores that will scream for attention.

Having a desk fill a corner of the bedroom or a spare bedroom you have, you feel more inclined to separate from the craziness and attentive things in your home and dedicate yourself towards getting the job you get paid for doing completed with no distraction.

It also provides a separate area where your children can undertake homework from school, giving them a sense that when you are in this area, work needs to be done.


Ideas to Separate Home Roles


Different Flooring – Ideas to Separate Home Roles

It may sound like a sales pitch but having a different solution for your flooring, such as glue down vinyl flooring, does provide a healthier mindset towards working.

Some solutions such as luxury vinyl flooring allow for effortlessly mixing flooring planks or tiles to provide a separate space for areas of working. A simple shift in design can give a sense of separation to a room allowing you to create a workstation to operate in. You could look at mixing a replicated stone floor for half of the room, with Invictus lvt flooring for the other half.

Providing the room is large enough, can fully allow you to work separately from children’s TV time as well as make it a classroom atmosphere.


Different Tones

Decorating different walls within a room provides enough of an identity to be able to coexist in working and family activities.

Many parents go the route of separating a room so that whilst work needs to be done, the children can be in the same room on their side to play with toys or tablet time. The simple painting of walls in different colours and tones provides enough of a statement to adequately create a sense of importance on one side of the room with play enabled on the other.

Everything from luxury vinyl flooring to simple work desks helps to create the ability to work effectively from home whilst enjoying your family without getting into each other’s spaces or under each other’s feet.


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