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How to Implement Timeless Interior Design in Your Home

How to Implement Timeless Interior Design in Your Home

Timeless design is built to last and keeps a home looking fresh through the years. A timeless look is not a temporary trend, but a classic style that will remain relevant, functional and sophisticated. This type of design involves choosing a mix of old and new, carefully selecting colour schemes and thinking about the longevity of every piece.

The key here is to achieve consistency in finish, design and quality throughout your home by implementing the following essentials of timeless design:


Muted Colour Palettes

You may love brick red or electric blue now, but those colours will soon date. Instead, choose muted tones that will also match different schemes. Use warm beiges, light greys, or pastel versions of your favourite colour. Muted walls make your home feel warm and cosy while allowing paintwork to fade into the background. Search online to find muted colour palettes that work perfectly together.

To bring extra flair and a pop of colour to your home, use small accessories and statement pieces; paint photo frames, choose an unusual mirror and select cushions in bold fabrics.


Go Natural

Instead of choosing synthetic materials, opt for natural. Choose hard wooden floors over laminate or carpet; granite, marble or wooden worktops over manmade; and natural stone floors instead of tiles. Natural elements have a timeless feel and will have a longer design life. Wooden floors also have greater durability than carpet and allow for two design statements with the addition of a rug.


Timeless Interior Design

Functional Furniture

When choosing your furniture, durability is central to a timeless design. There are thousands of unusual pieces of furniture on the market moulded in contemporary shapes, finished in bright colours, or featuring a modern high gloss finish. Instead, choose wooden pieces that are practical and functional. Oak wood furniture is strong, long lasting, and ageless, and is perfect for creating a harmonised theme throughout your home.


Choose a Simple White Bathroom Suite

We’ve all seen – or unfortunately lived in – houses with the dreaded 1970’s avocado coloured bathroom suite. It may have been a trend decades ago, but home owners have been pulling them out ever since. The same goes for the majority of coloured suites, whether blue, burgundy or brown as they age quickly. When updating your bathroom, choose a simple white suite to ensure longevity. You don’t have to choose a basic model, opt for luxurious touches and go for cast iron legs or a glass shower screen.

A home that encapsulates timeless design focuses on natural elements that can endure the decades, such as wood, cotton and stone, then carefully combine these with muted tones. Avoid trends and new fads to create a home that will look chic for years to come.


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