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Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress

A look at  how to improve sleep quality with a new mattress

Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress

Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress


Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress

According to recent studies, sleeping on a new mattress can actually do a lot more for your health than you have probably ever realised. From physical to mental health boosts and why you should finally purchase a new mattress, read on to find out how exactly a new bed and mattress can help.Health effects of an old mattress

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a comfy, cosy bed at the end of a strenuous day to get sufficient quality zzz’s. You can establish how much humans need to sleep to function normally when the lack of sleep begins affecting regular daily life. Suffering from constant tossing and turning can subsequently turn into frustration and aggravation, which may be taken out on people or in the workplace.

Back in 1894, a Russian scientist found that when puppies were kept active and didn’t sleep enough, they unfortunately passed away. These effects are shocking as well as profound, consequently found to happen in humans very regularly too. It can begin to affect mental functioning, concentration, lack of awareness and a substantial amount of fatigue. Since we’re huge fans of sleep, we’re aware that one of the most common reasons for lack of sleep, is the foundation that people lay on – their mattress they’ve invested in.

On the fence about buying a new mattress due to the cost? Analysis of a new study found that a new bed can not only improve the quality of your sleep, but it can help to reduce work stress. It’s important to change your mattress around every 5 years. This is as we use our mattresses every night, and every night we shed around 200ml of sweat, which in turn, causes unnoticed dust mites and other germs to grow. This then can turn into mould and other wear and tear that will decrease its lifespan.


Types of mattresses

There are around 4 popular types of mattresses available on the market. These are pocket sprung, memory foam, latex and hybrid. The differences between the mattresses are quite substantial.


Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are quite common in most homes, as they are for side sleepers, consisting of different layers of memory foam that can be chosen in different firmness levels. Memory foam has the ability to contour to a sleepers’ body, making it helpful on pressure points. Secondly, pocket sprung mattresses utilise internal coils for support and are suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

On the other hand, latex mattresses vary in firmness levels, like memory foam, however they offer plushness and don’t cause as much heat (preventing you from sweating) at night. And finally, hybrid mattresses are a combination of all of the above.

If memory foam is too soft and pocket sprung is too stiff, a hybrid mattress combines both to help a sleeper achieve maximum comfort and cushioning. This sort of mattress is actually suitable for all types of sleepers, promoting greater airflow during the night.


Why to opt for a new mattress

Don’t feel rested when you get up out of bed in the morning? Getting a lot of pain in your hips, neck and/or spine? For starters, if you toss and turn and wake up with pain in your pressure points, you should take a good hard look at your mattress. Another good indication is whether hotel beds help you sleep better than you would at home.

Sometimes we don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with buying a new mattress and having to lug it up the stairs or that there’s still life left within their expired bed. However, it’s better to stay on the safe side. Companies such as Linthorpe Beds, a bed and mattress company  based in the North East of England that deliver across the nation, allow shoppers the option for a 2 man delivery to room of choice with their Next Day Delivery Beds.

Just because a bed is still in one piece doesn’t mean it will continue supporting you and your body for years to come. Be sure to check your mattress for any lumps, sags, smell or even mould. These are all signs that your mattress is beginning to age and requires replacing to help you attain that great night’s sleep again.

An OSU study suggested that humans can improve sleep and work on pressure point pain by opting for a new mattress.



New mattress options – Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress

Sleep can aid humans in so many ways besides the points that we have mentioned.  When a mattress isn’t supporting us the way it should, we’re sacrificing sleep, which subsequently affects other areas of your body. Your brain cannot rest, rather, internal organs and other processes are hard at work, working overtime to compensate for even more time spent awake when you should be sleeping.

Moreover, according to many scientists as well as research carried out across the world, sleep affects the tissues within our bodies, which, if done enough can improve health of our immune systems, appetite, cardiovascular health, breathing and blood pressure (and the other way round can actually deter us from good health altogether). The lack of sleep, especially when a mattress is causing you pain, can make way for risk of obesity, long-term pressure point paint and permanent damage to the hips, shoulders and neck.

An important point to note is that a mattress isn’t the only factor you should take into consideration when you’re trying for a better quality of sleep. You should ensure you’re looking after your food intake, your physical health, mental health (meditation helps!) and emotional wellbeing.


Final thoughts on how to Improve Sleep Quality With A New Mattress

Taking all things into consideration (although it is easier said than done), you’ll be on your way towards an improvement in your quality of sleep. If you already are aware that you need a new bed, it’s worth looking into the mattresses that are currently available. Begin by taking into account what your personal needs are to determine what sort of mattress would help to increase your quality of life. From pocket sprung to memory foam or hybrid, be sure to do your research and seek out the mattress that is best for you.


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