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How to create a combined indoor outdoor living space

Do you wonder how to create a combined indoor outdoor living space?

I am craving space and light the cosy clutter of winter is not for me!

I have my sights set to Spring and Summer and I am wondering what I can do to make my home more open.

Bringing the outdoor and indoor space in to one is a concept that has huge appeal for those of us who love he natural world and light and airy spaces.


How to create a combined indoor outdoor living space

I have a few ideas on how to achieve this



Quickslide are a windows and doors specialist, creating super stylish, practical and energy efficient homes. Their bifold doors are the doors I long for in my kitchen.How lovely to completely open up the back wall to the garden. This would allow so much light and so much air into the home wouldn’t it and really bring the outside in.





One of the very simplest ways to being the outside in is to add some gorgeous greenery into you home in the shape of plants. I adore jasmine for the fresh outdoors fragrance and I love succulents too

Bringing plants into your home works a treat, for minimal effort and expense.




Natural materials – for an  indoor outdoor living space

Natural materials really do help bring the outside into a home and help it feel like a natural environment. Wooden tables are a must for me in the kitchen and I adore jute rugs, faux fur thows, wicker baskets and wool blankets.

Loving these West Elm blankets from John Lewis





The blankets , beautiful folding doors plants and light paintwork will all really help bring the outdoors in, but another key element has to be a good declutter. Too much stuff can feel materialistic and crowded and somewhat stressful.

Clear surfaces and clean lines really help give a sense of space and having a big clear out and a dedicated space for everything works wonders.


Do you have any other ideas for creating a combined indoor to outdoor living space? If so I would love to hear then in the comments below.



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