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Indoor Plants: Why Hiring Plants Is Smarter Than Buying

Today – Indoor Plants: Why Hiring Plants Is Smarter Than Buying


Hiring Plants Is Smarter Than Buying


Thinking about hiring plants?

Want the benefits of having indoor plants at your office but not prepared to commit to giving them the full-time care and attention that they need? Do you want to change the feel of a special dinner or business conference space by bringing nature into the picture temporarily? We may have just the answer for you! Nope this time it isn’t tips on how to save a dying plant

A growing number of businesses are getting around this dilemma by using short-term indoor plant hire services. Businesses offering these services have seen a boom in popularity recently as they fill an important gap in the market.

Read on to find out why it can sometimes be smarter to hire plants than to buy them.


Indoor Plants: Why Hiring Plants Is Smarter Than Buying



  1. Brightening Up Workspaces

Scientists have known for a long time that the presence of plants in an indoor space can have remarkable effects on how productive we are. It is not one hundred percent certain why plants help increase an employee’s work output, but it is possible that it has something to do with the calming effect of the colour of natural green or the amazing capacity of plants to purify the air in any given space.

Whatever the reason, forward-thinking employers are showing a tendency to fill their offices with as many of our friends from the plant kingdom as possible. Many offices following this policy, however, run into the same problem: Who is going to be in charge of looking after the plants and make sure they get the sunlight, food and water that they need to survive?

The solution that many of them have come up with is to use an indoor plant hire service. The companies offering these services send people to select, install and then maintain plant arrangements in a business. This cuts away many of the complications that previously prevented managers from choosing to opt for office plant arrangements.



  1. Special Occasions

Another common reason that a business may choose to use an indoor plant hire company is for special occasions. Christmas, Easter and other seasonal special occasions are associated with specific flowers that may not be suitable to have around at other times of the year.

Plant hire companies specialize in the installation and care of seasonal flower arrangements. With just a short call, you can arrange for plant specialists to install a beautiful arrangement at your office to get everyone into festive spirits.



  1. Conferences

Looking to add that extra touch of class to this year’s annual conference? Why not arrange for an indoor plant hire specialist to come in and install a soothing tropical plant in the atrium to get attendees into a tranquil and productive frame of mind before the workshops start?


Indoor plant hire is all the rage at the moment. If you live in Queensland, why not check out the best indoor plant hire Brisbane has to offer. Soon your workspace will be adorned with some of the most luxurious and exotic plants Mother Nature has created – all without having to commit to caring for them long-term.



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