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 9 Innovative Ways To Display Your Houseplants

Innovative Ways To Display Your Houseplants and how they can make all the difference.

Houseplants are great for internal decoration; a simple decoration with plants may be all you need for aesthetics and concentration at home. Although the idea is excellent, setting up your houseplants is even more important than the decision to use them. Your home deserves the best appearance; you don’t have to break the bank to achieve that.

You can create innovative displays for your houseplants with affordable items. Here are nine ways to display your houseplants to achieve a beautiful and refreshing interior design.



Ways To Display Your Houseplants


9 Innovative Ways To Display Your Houseplants

These are inspired!


Repurpose Coconut Shells

If you have access to large coconut shells, you can use them for displaying your flowers at home. It is a simple DIY process that you can complete within an hour. Smoothen the bark with a small knife and drill tiny holes on opposite ends of the shells. Run some strong wires to form handles and fill the shells with soil. Now you have a hanging shell pot for your plant. You can paint the exterior to reflect your style.


Install A Plant Chandelier

A plant chandelier is a hanging plant pot that resembles a light chandelier. If you have the skills, you can purchase plant chandeliers from stores or take a weekend to make one. Plants chandeliers offer flexibility in placing plants anywhere with a ceiling. You can set the chandelier in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom without obstructing movement. You can combine plant and light chandeliers to create a visually appealing effect.


9 Innovative Ways To Display Your Houseplants


Ways To Display Your Houseplants  – Use Floor-Based Plant Pots

Placing plant pots on the floor will never go out of style. And keep your potted plants on beds or other flat surfaces around your house. Go for broad plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig or plants with narrow leaves. A beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig plant will improve your home’s appearance with its stunning dark green leaves and stature that will create a statement in any room. You can choose from dozens of pot designs to display plants.


Install Terrariums

You can display your plants in a terrarium to improve the interior design. Terrariums are designed like mini habitats; you can use larger terrariums with compartments for plants and aquatic life. They are fragile, so ensure that you place them on solid surfaces with firm support. With adequate care, your terrarium will last a long time, so you can save money replacing them.


Design A Mini Herb Garden

If you have a range of plants, a mini garden could be the answer to displaying them. There are dozens of ways to design your mini herb garden; you could even keep several around your house. The key is to create a design that fits your style and aids movement. Stick to this rule: the plants should have complementary colours that match the general house theme.


Create A Living Wall

You could also go all the way with a living wall. Living walls create that movie-like, magical feeling. While some people consider living walls obstructive, you can use a small portion of a wall in an unused space. You can then expand it as you become more comfortable with it. A living wall is an innovative way to transform your house from stark metals and concrete to a homely living space. If you prefer, you can create a living wall outside.


Install Shelves To Hold Plants

Shelves with flowers will always stay in fashion. Using frames for your flowers may be the key to unlocking fresh design ideas if you want. Use multi-layered or single compartmentalised shelves to hold small or medium plant pots. You can also go for larger frames to have bigger plant pots. Consider available space and the ease of movement before placing shelves. You can also use a vertical plant rack, which looks like a shelf with layers of small plant pots hung vertically. A plant rack allows you to display plants like on a shelf, but it has the advantage of taking less space and providing a 360 view.


Use Mirrors Well – Innovative Ways To Display Your Houseplants

Few realise it, but mirrors are excellent for improving plant displays. If you have limited space for displaying plants, use mirrors to create some effects. Place your mirrors where they can reflect the plants around the house. Reflections are nearly as good as the actual plants. You could also use mirrors to deliver sunlight to your houseplants if they don’t get some. Thinking of how to maximise unused spaces? Place mirrors against the wall to make patterns. You’ll get a stunning reflection of your plant from several angles.



Use Climbing Plants Along The Rails – Ways To Display Your Houseplants

If you have rails, such as on staircases or barriers, you can use climbing or creeping plants for them. Keep the plants off handles or areas where you hold them for support. Climbing plants require more care, but you’ll do fine with them. If you don’t like climbing plants, then placing potted plants along the staircase steps works just fine. You may also hang some pots from the rails.


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