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Best Inspirational Travel Tips For Adventurers With Limited Mobility

Today lets take a look at Travel Tips For Adventurers With Limited Mobility.

When you experience a marked reduction in your mobility, you may feel like your options for travelling and experiencing the world’s many wonders have suddenly shrunk. However, the truth is quite the opposite. With a growing number of attractions and destinations becoming more accessible, there are now so many fun-filled activities you can try, and a wide range of fascinating locations to visit.

Granted, you may face a few challenges along the way, and some extra ingenuity and perseverance may be required at times – but the fact remains that a whole world of fun, excitement, and exploration awaits you. The hardest part will be choosing which activity you want to try first.




Travel Tips For Adventurers With Limited Mobility

Intrigued? Read on for some inspirational travel tips and ideas for any adventurers who refuse to allow limited mobility to stand in the way of an unforgettable experience.


Take To The Open Water

If you’re looking for an activity that will provide plenty of thrills, increase your fitness, and potentially even take you around the world, then perhaps it’s time you gave sailing a try.

There are over 200 sailing clubs dotted around the UK, where you can learn how to sail a range of vessels, including accessible dinghies that have been specially adapted to be easy to control and to prevent capsizing. You can opt to sail either by yourself or with a buddy if you would rather not be on your own.

Of course, if you want to try captaining something a little bigger, you can also learn how to sail a tall ship. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you can go on a cruise with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, which boasts the only tall ships in the world to be specially designed for sailors with reduced mobility. Their cruises can vary in length from 5 days to a month and can take you all the way to breath-taking sun-kissed hotspots like Antigua.


Explore The Globe By Rail

Just because you have limited mobility, it doesn’t mean you can’t go on an adventure. If you love riding the rails, why not book a ticket on some of the UK’s most beautiful and historic – not mention accessible – railway lines?

For instance, Norfolk’s Bure Valley Railway will take you on a picturesque 18-mile journey through the rolling countryside, passing through historic villages huddled beneath the arching vault of the county’s famously vast skies. Departing from Aylsham and arriving in Wroxham, this scenic train ride gives you the opportunity to continue your travels from Wroxham with a tranquil boat trip along the Broads. Just be aware that, while the train has six accessible carriages, not all boats are accessible, so it’s important to make the boat operator aware of your requirements before your trip.

To make your train adventures as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, it’s a good idea to take a sturdy, portable and versatile mobility aid with you on your journey. For instance, a rollator and wheelchair combination – such as the expertly designed models provided by Rollz Mobility – provides the ideal option for a magical day on the rails.


See The World From Between A Horse’s Ears

For many people with reduced mobility, horse riding provides an invigorating opportunity to enjoy a freedom of movement that humans can never experience on their own. Not only that, but if you take up riding regularly, you will get the chance to form a bond with the horse you normally ride.

Not sure how to get started? The UK’s RDA offers lessons and sessions at riding schools and clubs across the country, run by willing volunteers, and using the calmest and most trustworthy horses and ponies.

Of course, if you decide that riding isn’t for you after all, you could always give carriage driving a go instead, for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will teach you new skills and introduce you to friendly new faces into the bargain.  


Explore Some Of The Planet’s Finest Diving Destinations

One of the best and most awe-inspiring ways to bypass your reduced mobility is to enter a weightless environment – and where better to find such an environment than the ocean?

Learning to scuba dive will not only allow you to escape your physical restrictions, but it will also open up a whole new underwater world of wonders for you to explore. Scuba diving also gives you the chance to explore some truly unforgettable travel destinations, as some of the best diving sites are dotted all over the world – from Thailand to the Egyptian coast to the Canary Islands.

Not sure how to get started? Organisations such as Diveability not only provide lessons but also arrange diving excursions overseas, giving you the opportunity to explore underwater shipwrecks, get up close and personal to marine life, and potentially form lasting friendships with your fellow divers.


Happy Exploring!

As you can see, there are a wide variety of accessible activities and locations for you to explore, both in the UK and further afield.  

While it undoubtedly has its challenges, limited mobility need not hold you back from experiencing unforgettable moments of fun, excitement and camaraderie. The world is still yours for the taking – all you need to do is extend a hand and grasp the opportunities around you that you find the most appealing.  



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