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Inspiring Interior Décor – The Best Cure for Winter Depression

The darkest period of the year can surely be a drag. Even with all kinds of artificial lighting solutions around us, the lack of sunlight can have its fair share of negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. In order to keep healthy in both regards and retain an inspiring, positive atmosphere within your living space, there are certain well-tested measures you can employ. The interior decor fanatics and photo printing experts from My-Picture.co.uk are here to elaborate.

#1 White & Beige Decor Elements

Inspiring Interior Décor


Before thanking Captain Obvious, keep in mind that the white splendour of the infamous LACK side table (white configuration) alone won’t be enough to infuse your space with light and harmony.

Here, it’s imperative to achieve a cohesive look through a deliberate and clever disposition of numerous light-coloured decorative objects. From vases to candle holders to spray painted flower pots, keeping it light in every regard means keeping it safe and uplifting.

Now, for complete accuracy, it must be noted that white isn’t even a colour per se – it’s neutral. As such, it is widely used in modernist interiors due to its high compatibility with other hues and its quality of making spaces appear larger than they really are. The latter alone is enough to pick white as the dominant winter season tone for your interior.


#2 Declutter

There’s very little wonder as to why so many contemporary interior designs feature so little of, well, actual features. As it turns out, a cluttered environment has a lot to do with increased stress levels. In an age marked by nothing short of an anxiety pandemic, it’s essential to keep your interior design focused and unobtrusive.



Subtle textures and plenty of sources for natural light to lessen the number of shadows in your living space are better for your mental health. A messy and incoherent interior has a lot more in common with an unstable emotional state than you are led to believe. A minimalist approach will set in the necessary balance between the dynamics of your professional life and after-hour routine.


#3 “Power Decor”

Before elaborating on this one, we must note that quantity does not necessarily stand for oversaturation. Photo canvas prints are a clear example of a decor solution that can be employed in numbers yet still go hand in hand with an otherwise ascetic take on the rest of the interior. It all depends on the manner you display your prints.



A large empty wall segment can hold plenty of these wall decor pieces. Likewise, a single, all-encompassing decor statement in the form of a large-scale canvas can have just as powerful an impact. Both patterns are frequently present in interiors that emphasize austerity as their main virtue.



It almost goes without saying that having your most precious memories on constant display can only have a positive impact on your demeanour. This also pretty much explains the main drive behind the ever-growing popularity of these custom-made decor pieces. For additional aesthetic value, you can also have a framed photo print, a gallery-like piece with an inner passe-partout framing to enhance your image even more.


#4 Scents for Your Inner Peace

A mark of a well-kept and organised interior is a good scent. Or, the lack of a bad one if you like. Artificial air fresheners, whether you go for fragrance sticks or electric oil burners, can affect the general vibe of your living space more than you can imagine. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can go with vinegar, essential oils, organic candles or simply utilise the power of plants.


Now, frankly, we do not wish to advocate the use of synthetic fresheners too much. Although undeniably effective, these often feature a mixture of various harmful chemicals and tend to have phthalates in their contents. Most of these substances have very undesirable effects on our respiratory functions and can initiate various serious diseases in the long run.


Pick a scent that satisfies your senses and organically complements the interior itself. A pleasant scent is everything – good sleep, healthy attitude and all the subsequent benefits.


#5 Decorate According to Your Own Personality

Regardless of all the advice provided, your interior will have no positive effect on you whatsoever if it is at odds with your personality. Consider the tips but remember to keep true to yourself. The “Steal this look” formula might provide you with a stock IKEA aesthetic, but it does not warrant emotional well-being once you actually inhabit this catalogue look.


Most importantly, keep things fuss-free and leave enough room for oxygen. During the following few months, it is crucial to have a space that allows you to breathe, both figuratively and metaphorically.




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