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Interior Design Ideas from Unusual Sources

Today – Interior Design Ideas from Unusual Sources

I love interior design. It is one of my passions. When I go into a newsagent’s shop, I am always drawn to the interior design magazines. There really is nothing quite like sitting down at the kitchen table and leafing through a stack of these mags.

They are a great resource if you are planning to decorate. When redesigning a room, putting together a stylebook makes the job much easier. Having samples of the fabrics, paints and pictures of the type of furniture, you want to use all in one-place makes it far easier to make sure that everything will work together. Most of my stylebooks include pages torn out of design magazines. They are a great source of inspiration, but they are not my only source.



Online design inspiration from unusual places

I also get a lot of ideas from the web. There are loads of great interior design websites out there, some of which I follow. I also get ideas from less obvious sources. For example, the Emblem Furniture is an excellent source of inspiration. This company leases out furniture to developers and landlords, which is used in their showhomes and rental properties.

Their website is full of photos of the homes and properties they have worked on, which all look beautiful. Most of the houses featured in the photos are ordinary family homes, so the decor ideas you find here can easily be used in your own house.


Offline inspiration

I also enjoy getting inspiration from everyday sources, and am always on the lookout for new ideas. If I see something I like I will take a photograph of it, for future reference.

The homes of family and friends are very good sources of inspiration. Usually people are more than happy for you to take a photo, and use their ideas in your own home.

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the oddest times. For example, while watching a TV show if I see something I like I will immediately go online and try to find something similar.


Art galleries and museums

Art galleries and museums are also good sources of inspiration. If you are looking for something different to put on your walls, I highly recommend a visit to one of the larger art galleries. When you see something you like make a note of the artist and order a print of it, so that you can put it on your own walls.

Museums can also be a good place to find new ideas for your home. Keep an eye out for fashion, design, art and textile exhibitions, and attend as many as you can.


Inspiration from nature

The natural world is beautiful, and a great source of inspiration. Nature is full of stunning colours, shapes and textures. Often in combinations that you would never have thought would work.

Just go for a walk and photograph anything that catches your eye, you will be amazed by just how many ideas you pick up by doing this. There are lots of ways for you to incorporate the beauty of nature into your home. Click here for find out how you can use the natural world to enhance your home.


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  1. Ana
    May 29, 2016 / 12:21 pm

    I find myself going back to paper & notebooks to document my ideas, inspirations, sources, samples, swatches & sketches. I accumulated a million screenshots, links, pics & other online resources forever once the iPad made it easy. But, I never settled on a good way to gather it all in any usable way.Switched from app to app & just created a mess. I think I’ll keep idea journals from now on, with notes in binders under plastic, little pouches of color swatches, fabric cuts, buttons, beatiful notecards & small shower tiles…whatever catches my eye. It’s far more fun & much more organized for myself, personally. Maybe I’ll print some of those endless files film of random decor!

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