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7 Best Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Some people love interior design tips for beginners. They are always working on a new project at home and keen to make changes and improvements as often as possible. They have an eye for color and find it easy to combine styles to create a stylish and eye-catching space. Others struggle.

If you are bored with your décor and keen to make some changes at home but feel lost when it comes to interior design, here are some interior design tips for beginner’s to help you.


Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Best Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Which one will inspire you the most?


Find Ways to Collect Your Ideas

Mood boards and scrapbooks are fantastic ways to collect ideas and group inspiration. Whether you use an online mood board or a physical board or book, make sure you add pictures, quotes, articles, fabric samples, and anything else that inspires you, but don’t worry about it being perfect. It’s a great way to organize your ideas and get a better feel for what works together, but it is very personal, and no one needs to see it but you.


Don’t Start Straight Away

Interior design can be overwhelming. There’s no shortage of color schemes, designs, prints, fabrics, furniture, and ideas. It’s easy, especially as a beginner, to see something that you like and immediately rush out and start redecorating a room based on this one color, wallpaper print, or piece of furniture. But when we do this, we’re typically unhappy with the results or ready to start again before the paint is dry.

Instead, take your time. Use your mood boards, shop around and give yourself space to think about what you want for the long term.


Try Before You Buy

Wallpaper and paint samples are an excellent way not just to decide what you want on your walls but also to see how the color looks in your home, where the lighting won’t be the same as in the shop, and how different colors go together. Get samples of as much as you can to compare.


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Lighting

Lighting can make a massive difference to the tone of colors, the brightness, and even the atmosphere of your rooms. Think about ways to maximize natural light, but also add options with lamps, lanterns, and candles, so you can always create a mood.


Give Furniture and Features Space to Breathe

Beginners often make the mistake of pushing furniture against the walls to maximize space. But it can look flat. Instead, pull things out to allow them to breathe and be noticed. Don’t hide your furniture by trying to blend it into the walls.


Your Home isn’t a Showroom

Showrooms are built to show off, but many people make the mistake of trying to recreate them. Showrooms aren’t lived in and don’t have all of the essential necessities like storage, lighting, or even a little clutter. Take inspiration from show homes, but don’t copy them.


Start with the Big Pieces

The finishing touches are often what complete the décor, but they have to fit around the larger, more essential, and more expensive pieces. Buy the large items first and spend some time living with them before deciding what else you need.

Interior design can be great fun, but it’s not something that comes naturally to all of us. Your home is very personal to you, so try to consider your tastes more than current trends. Take your time, create a budget, and look around before committing to things like color schemes or furniture.


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