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Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022 are just fabulous  they have variety, warmth and something a little unsuaul. lets take a deep dive and see what is hot in 2022. 


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Colour is something that all of us will share an opinion on, especially when it comes to decorating our homes. There are people that prefer a neutral and blank canvas with their homes, choosing to add colour with accessories, and then there are the people who love to add bold features to their walls and go all out with the decoration.

No matter what camp you sit in, color trends change each year, and if you were hoping to make some changes to your home this year then you may be thinking about the color options. With that in mind, here are the paint color trends for 2022 that you need to look out for. 


Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022


Lavender paint color trends for 202

Lavender is always going to be a coloru that you might want to think about in areas such as your bedroom. It is a calming color that can be used in different ways.

The shade of lavender can come as a more pastel color which is perfect to add a cooler tone to your space, or if you prefer the deeper darker lavender/purple color, then this can be a little warmer on your walls. As lavender is seen as a calming colour, you may find that it encourages better sleep at night, which is why it is seen to be a good option for a bedroom. 

Take a look at this great article if you want to lean more about colour. 


Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

Sage in Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

Greens are huge in 2022 when it comes to paint colors, and sage is one of those green colors that can be so versatile. You could use the color sage on your walls in a living space, especially if you were hoping to create a feature wall. However, it can also be a great kitchen color and used in a bathroom. The sage green isn’t as vibrant as some of the other greens you may find in the color pallet, but it is definitely a softer option if you were hoping to incorporate more green into your home. 


Khaki green

Khaki green is a great way to add more depth and tone to any room in your home, and as the color green is huge for decorating this year, you may choose this option as a feature in a living space or kitchen. It can bring a warming tone to your walls and can be very eye-catching. 


Paint Colour Trends in 2022


Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022 – Black features strongly 

A decorating and interior trend for 2022 is the incorporation of moody features and the color black is one of the biggest ways that you can do this. Black has become a pint color trend for 2022 but not as a feature wall, you might be please to know.

Black is back!

Instead, we are seeing black being incorporated in different ways. Such as faucets in bathrooms or painted furniture in rooms. It can turn any piece of furniture into something more eye-catching and can become a feature in itself. Black isn’t to everyone’s taste, but adding a few key elements of black paint into your home can be a great way to add a designer feel. 


Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

Dark gray features in Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

If you don’t like the idea of going for black features then a great compromise and still a rising paint color trend for 2022 is dark gray. This can be a softer way to add features and could work for painted furniture or as a feature wall with a contrasting lighter gray to add depth to your space. 


Light gray upgrades 

For anyone who has decorated their home with the color white, a light gray is a perfect upgrade for 2022. White has been a huge trend these past few years as people have preferred the minimalist approach and vision for their homes, but as we enter 2022, and with more time spent at home, changing the shade of white to a light gray could be the perfect upgrade. It adds a softer tone to your home and could warm up living spaces rather than them feeling clinical. 


Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

Terracotta – Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

There is much more focus on warm colors as paint color trends in 2022 so you may be noticing that colors from the past are making a big comeback. One of those is the color of terracotta. We associate this color with holidays, tiles in our accommodation, and sun, and adding terracotta as a color back into your home is a great way to bring that holiday vibe in. You could use terracotta as a color for tiles, but as a paint color, it works really well as a feature wall. It is also a paint color that would work well in most rooms of your home, especially a living area or a kitchen. 


Warm neutrals 

Sticking with the warm theme you may start to notice that even a neutral pallet is getting affected by the latest color trends of 2022. Warm neutrals are huge this year as many people start to come away from the clinical feel of white and gray homes, and have a focus on warming things up. Think creams, beige, greige, and off-white as the paint color trends for a neutral fan this year. These colors work well in aspects of your home and are a great way to add something a little different. 


Vibrant blues in Interior Paint Colour Trends in 2022

There are still some cooler colors making the headlines for paint colors this year and one of the big focuses will be the color blue. Vibrant blues and aqua-like colors are a big hit for 2022. Vibrant blues work really well as feature walls and can be a great way to add a pop of personality to usually dormant spaces like hallways and landing areas. 



Pastel blue paint colour trends in 2022

Finally, sticking with blue another paint colour trends in 2022 is the pastel shade of blue. Just like with lavender this is seen as a calming color and can be a great option for a bedroom or bathroom. It gives the impression of a clean and fresh space, which is great if your home has a minimalistic element to it. 


Hopefully, this has made you more aware of the paint colour trends in 2022 that you need to look out for.  You might also like my post on interior design trends in 2022

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