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International Charity Organization

To study in more detail what charitable organizations do and understand their mission, let’s take the international charitable organization Parimatch Foundation as an example.

The company started working in the assistance field in 2019. In Ukraine, it acquired the status of a charitable organization and opened a charitable foundation in the same year. To date, the company carries out betting activities on the Internet and worldwide. The company has recently started working in additional areas by opening a fund to help those in need.

Now, the company cares about the safety of many children and families at the international level. But now, the organization pays more attention to Ukraine charities to help those in need as quickly as possible.

Recently, the children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation raised a large sum of money and donated it to the needs of the Okhmatdet Hospital, which specializes in helping seriously ill children through complex operations. Today the hospital helps everyone who needs it.


International Charity Organization



Charity at the international level

Various aid funds operate around the world, as well as the Ukraine charity organization Parimatch Foundation. Organizations pay attention to people in need, as well as countries, organizations and highlight global problems. Now numerous people require help, who had to leave for a safer place, and someone was left without a home at all. Such people in other countries are in dire need of support.

Well-known international organizations charitable:

  • Stichting INGKA Foundation;
  • Wellcome Trust;
  • Ford Foundation;
  • Rockefeller Foundation;
  • Bill — Melinda Gates Foundation;

How to donate money to charity online?

Now, there are many ways to help needy families, children, organizations, or countries that need it. Every caring person, asking himself: How can I help Ukraine, can easily find the answer. You can donate money to charity online, to a special fund aimed at helping people around the world and to help Ukraine. All the money will be sent in the right direction.

Thus, you will make a great contribution and help children in need, families, and many others around the world by donating to charity in Ukraine.

You can do this by selecting any fund that is engaged in a certain direction that you have chosen. If your choice is the fund discussed above, you can send money to the charity Parimatch Foundation on the official website, and even the minimum amount can save someone’s life.

The charitable foundation Parimatch Foundation, like other foundations, makes every effort to ensure that none of the people in need around the world goes unnoticed, everyone will receive help, and you can be involved in this.


Don’t be indifferent

Now, when difficult times have come in the world, everyone who can help is doing everything possible for this. Many charity organizations in Ukraine are making many efforts to correct the situation in their country and worldwide.

The charity Ukraine is engaged in helping the wounded and families with children who need to go to a safe place. Ukraine accepts any help from caring people and organizations. If you also want your funds to help at least one person, donate money to Parimatch Foundation. Together with you, everyone will be able to overcome everything, do not be indifferent; help Ukraine and the world today.




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