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An introduction to companion planting

An introduction to companion planting

With so many different types of fruit and vegetables available to grow, those of you who are relatively new to the grow your own scene may find companion planting a great helping hand to producing an abundance of tasty produce.

Companion planting has been used since as far back as 8,000 years ago, when native Americans planted squash, and sees the simultaneous cultivation of crops in a shared space. The result is plants that work together and are not as threatened by insects or deadly diseases.

Despite being used by many farmers and other horticulturists for centuries though, it can be a tricky technique to grasp, for those who are used to just planting fruit and veg and watching them grow.

Fortunately, Suttons is here to assist. The stockist of vegetable seeds has produced the following infographic which details how companion planting works and then lists the friends and foes of many types of fruit and veg to get you started.

Enhance your gardening knowledge today by viewing the visual in full now…


companion planting



I hope , if you love to grow in your garden, that this companion planting infographic proves very useful to you

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