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Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house?

Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house? lets take a look

Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house?

Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house?

There are a large number of improvements that property experts suggest to those of us looking to enhance the value of our homes; from adding solar panels to knocking down walls, it can be hard to figure out exactly where your hard-earned cash is best spent.

One of the most well-known ways of adding value to your property is adding a new kitchen, with 65% of homeowners claiming to have renovated their kitchens prior to selling up. However, some property-owners may be daunted by the outlay required to purchase and install a new kitchen.

In this article we will look at how a new kitchen may boost your home’s value by around 6%, and explore the different ways you can go about upgrading your kitchen.

Give your kitchen the modern touch

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home. Indeed, for potential buyers, the size and overall look of the kitchen can be hugely influential in deciding whether or not to make an offer on a property.

If you have plans to move on and it’s clear that a quick sale is necessary rather than spending time having a new kitchen installed, a reliable option is the UK-wide property-buying firm LDN Properties, who have enabled hundreds of home-owners to achieve a straightforward sale with no fees.

While adding a new kitchen is considered to add value to your property, by going further and extending your kitchen to free up valuable space, it has been seen that you could add a whopping 15% to the overall value of your home.


Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house?

What type of kitchen is right for you

Bear in mind that buyers will be imagining themselves in your space. Stick to stylish neutrals as the best way to add value, as these shades will not date as fast as trendy bright colours. In general it is best to bear the style and era of your property in mind while choosing a new kitchen.

Traditional kitchens are ideal in a period property – such a cottage or rustic farmhouse. A traditional kitchen holds timeless appeal that, in the right setting, will definitely make an impression on potential buyers.

A slick modern kitchen is the perfect addition to a new-build house or flat. A modern-style kitchen is also a great way of paying homage to the modernist look of a mid-century property.

Shaker kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as a way of blending the look of a traditional kitchen with the practicalities of modern life. Based on a minimalist aesthetic and an appreciation for craftsmanship, a Shaker kitchen can be very elegant in a property of any era.

Some features are especially impressive to potential buyers – such as an island or a hot-water tap that can help to cut bills, and is more environmentally-friendly than boiling the kettle.

While high-tech gadgets and smart accessories – such as built-in power sockets – may catch the eye of viewers, it is best to avoid paying a lot for items that you will not be able to take away with you when you move on.

Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house?

Cost-effective ways to modernise your existing kitchen

It might be the case that installing a brand-new kitchen is unnecessary, as there are many ways to refresh your existing units that don’t involve ripping the whole thing out and starting from scratch.

There are many companies who refresh kitchen cupboards with a coat of paint, meaning that the cost of installing a whole new kitchen is avoided. Simply replacing the handles on your units can create a new look and feel which is attractive to potential buyers

Furthermore, simply changing the tiles or adding some new cost-effective flooring can really add to the allure of your existing kitchen. Removing clutter from surfaces and ensuring that your kitchen is well-lit and spotlessly clean are some other simple ways of presenting your existing kitchen in its best possible light.


It should be remembered that every area has a ceiling, and it’s worth checking how much you can reasonably afford to spend in order to ensure that you make a return on your investment. The higher the value, the bigger the dent that failing to upgrade your kitchen could make in the overall value of your property.

In particular, houses valued at over £700,000 are particularly vulnerable to losing value as a result of failure to make adequate improvements. Is a new kitchen going to enhance the value of my house? yes most probably it will.

Therefore, it is key that you weigh up your options before embarking upon the project of upgrading your kitchen.

When in doubt, consult the experts who will ensure that your upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, and that all necessary health and safety regulations are adhered to. Finally, setting aside a budget for contingency is always a sensible idea, particularly if you decide to have a fully new kitchen installed.


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