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Is DIY Dangerous ?

Is DIY Dangerous ?

We are a nation of DIY lovers and our love affair with home improvement is increasing year on year. My OH loves to get his hands dirty and gets real preide form completeing tasks by himself

YouTube tutorials and the plethora of DIY TV shows are to blame and of course we all love to save money. But DIY is not only tricky sometimes it can be downright dangerous too.

Have a look at this fabulous infographic on the hidden dangers of DIY from Slater & Gordon Lawyers 


Is DIY Dangerous ?

Is DIY Dangerous


So is DIY Dangerous? – it looks that way to me!

Oh my goodness despite the ovbvious benefits there are so many dangers  in DIY ing here are 10 I can think of immediately

  1. Poisonous fumes
  2. Drooping a hammer on your foot
  3. Children getting hold of tools
  4. Cutting yourself with a saw
  5. Falling off a ladder
  6. Getting a nail in your thumb
  7. What you are building collapsing on you
  8. Getting electrocuted
  9. Tripping over or cutting through leads and wires
  10. Paint or splinters in your eye…


Gosh I could go on and on.

It is SO important to be safety aware when doing DIY and so much can be prevented with thought, awareness and the right equipment. Stay safe if you are DIY-ing! Saving money just isn’t worth it if you are going to end up in hospital

Safety first should always be the DIY- ers mantra.



Is DIY dangerous is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on bricks for beginners




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