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Is Ethical Parenting Possible?

Each day, more and more people become fresh parents and suddenly enter a position they’ve never been in before. Raising a child might be the single most responsible task in your life, hence why it’s necessary to approach parenting styles with consideration. It is important to raise your kids in a safe, protecting environment, but bear in mind, preparing your child for future failures and difficult scenarios is just as crucial.



What exactly is ethical parenting?

The main ethical principles state that you should be allowing your child to experience things and their consequences fully. Sometimes the experiences will be tough, hurtful, or even wrong. But many parents argue that this is the only right way to raise a fully aware and smart human. Various essay examples can be found, speaking both for and against this parenting method.

While keeping your child under an umbrella can seem like a convenient choice at first, it is certain to backfire eventually. Many books have been created regarding this topic, so it’s a smart idea to indulge in an argumentative essay on ethical dilemma if you’re unsure.  Raising them in a stress-free environment where everything goes smoothly will keep them happy at first, but once they go out into the real world, they will realize how little they actually know.


Why should you raise your child ethically?

Let’s use an example of what happens when you don’t. A kid raised in a bubble is like an animal kept at the zoo. Everything is provided for them, and they live in a fairly decent environment with almost no danger. Everyone thinks they’re completely normal and still consider them as a wild animal. But what would happen if the zoo suddenly closed?

If the zoo animal had to be released to the wild for some reason, simply put, it wouldn’t make it. It would have no instincts, no idea how to behave and hunt, and finally, it would have no clue how to defend itself against other predators and hunters.

That’s why you should raise your child in a correct way, so when they leave your town and go to university, they aren’t surprised by hard word work and scenarios not going their way.

Hopefully, you get the analogy and see the negative consequences of not allowing your child to make mistakes and learn from them empirically. If you’re overly reactive as a parent, you should perhaps make small steps to introduce your kid to the real world. Just like a zoo lion would be slowly introduced to the wilderness.


What happens if you raise your kid ethically?

It might be tough looking at their struggles and failures, but overtime you will notice them growing stronger and wiser. As a side effect, they may also become humbler and realistic as a student. For sure, they will rely more on themselves and will have no trouble making uneasy decisions and approaching difficult tasks. They might turn out to be more appreciative of the knowledge learned at college, since they will want to make money themselves.


Ethical Parenting

What happens if you don’t?

You already know what happened to the lion kept safe and suddenly released, but what exactly happens to a kid raised under an umbrella? They might grow entitled and even demanding, being sure that you will always support them and that they have some sort of “safety net” they can rely on. They might turn out to be more narcissistic and egoistic, thinking that the whole world revolves around them, since they always had private education and such. That does not sound like a well-behaved person, doesn’t it?



No matter if you’re just planning a child, or already have a small boy or a girl, you should consider this ethical dilemma. Even if you try really hard not to, the harsh reality of our world will hit them at some point, and it’s better to be sooner than later.

Can you actually be a decent human and an ethical parent at the same time, watching your loved one struggle? According to our essay, perhaps not…

But is there any better parenting style alternative? Perhaps not either…


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