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Is Golf A Sport?

Is golf a sport?

 I remember many years ago my great aunt telling me that her favourite sport was golf and I recall asking her is golf a sport?

I always considered it to be a rather unenergetic ramble with a bit of ball hitting going on. And I am rather embarrassed to admit I thought it was generally just for older people.

I am pleased to tell you my attitude has changed dramatically since I grew up. I have to say I know so many people who play golf not just for fun and competitively and there is no doubt in my mind  …it is, of course, the most wonderful of sports.


Is golf a sport?


Is golf a sport?

Yes of course it is.

It requires skill and tactics, ball control and stamina, competitiveness and calculation, dedication and practice. How can it be anything other than a sport!

And, have you ever watched it on TV?  Oh my goodness the tension! Honestly, I get so excited especially when they get down to the final putt.  And the players:  so many different personalities and styles of play, some more gung-ho some more precise. 

I almost love it as much as tennis and that is really saying something.

I am truly embarrassed that I once wondered is golf a sport?


is golf a sport?


Moving on from crazy golf

I have always enjoyed playing crazy golf with my kids and I have to say I’ve got pretty good at it really. It’s time to challenge myself to something more.I am considering taking up golf

I absolutely adore walking its one of my favourite past times so I do think that element of golf will be right up my street.

I will need some kit of course. I have been eyeing up these lovely golf carry bags which look like they would do the job perfectly. I just love the fact they come with straps to carry them on my back and a stand to prop them up with. I would feel so professional.

I should also want to get myself some clubs a few balls and I would absolutely insist on some golfing clothes. Then all  I would need is just a few (well okay maybe rather a lot) of lessons.

 I think it sounds like a great new hobby – sorry SPORT to take up.

Do you play golf? How would you answer the question is golf a sport?


What do you think about Is Golf A Sport?

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