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Keep your house feeling cosy after the holidays with these easy ways

After weeks of having a house brimming with the twinkle of festive ornaments and the warm glow of fairy lights, packing away all the decorations after Christmas can make your home feel soulless and a little empty. However, just because Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some cosy moments in your home, as there are many ways to create a warm environment to help you cope better with winter cold and banish the January blues.

December is quite a tiring month, as you need to host parties, lunches and house guests. So, January is a month of recovery, rest and reflection, when you can look forward to the following year with optimism and make new plans. This is why you need to restyle your house with some cosy ideas to let you relax while planning all those exciting adventures.

Here are some good ideas that will help you keep your home warm and cosy


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Layer textures and fabrics

Layering numerous textures in neutral tones is a great way to create a cosy room that feels inviting and warm all year round. You can achieve this with the help of many tactile fabrics, including velvet, boucle, faux furs and chunky weaves. As you can see, you have numerous options to experiment with, and you can also add some natural wood furniture pieces that will allow you to introduce natural textural elements. Vintage coffee tables or unique antiques look fantastic paired with a white or cream upholstery sofa, bringing warmth and contrast. 


Decorate with greenery

After the busy festive December, January represents a time of reflection and rest for most people. So, it is a good idea to restyle your house with plenty of greenery and botanical fragrances to bring instant vitality and freshness to your room. You can also add more plants to your home and choose some beautiful new flower pots for them.

Moreover, remember that scents can offer peace of mind, so changing the fragrance after Christmas is a wonderful way for an inviting and cosy atmosphere during the winter season. You can try some notes of fig and amber that are common for this time of the year. 


Add pops of rich colours

You will never go wrong if you choose to add accessories rich in colours if you are trying to create a warm house. So, use colours where possible, and swap those holiday hues for a bright and lively palette, such as warm oranges, deep blues and lush greens. Or you can also opt for a saturated colour such as raspberry and deep aubergine, as it will add a warm feature. To introduce an extra element of cosiness, you can consider blankets, pillows and other decorative elements that you can switch later on. 


Light up dark corners

Lighting is an element that will instantly transform the look and feel of your room. So, to create an inviting and warm winter interior, you need to keep in mind lighting and choose the best options for the type of spaces you have. For example, you can add table lamps with a golden glow if you have dark corners. Or, for the area where your tree has stood, you can place a floor lamp, a rich textured throw and an armchair.

If you want to add a touch of wintery glamour, you can also change the lampshades with shades of deep purple or rich plum satin. 


Introduce large houseplants

Small indoor trees and houseplants are one of the easiest ways to bring a space to life, and they are the best replacement for your Christmas tree. They are colourful, sculptural and decorative, and some varieties also help to purify the air. Large indoor plants, like Ficus Lyrata and Strelitzia Nicolai, are great features for an empty corner, as they create a focal point and provide organic texture and shape. Choose some pots from elho, and you will have new elements that will surely make your house feel cosy.


Create cosy nooks

If you want a new room design, then consider building in window seats or reading nooks, especially if you are lucky enough to enjoy beautiful views where you can relax in the long winter months. There is no better feeling than drinking a hot cup of tea or chocolate under a throw while reading a good book and escaping the cold from the outside. 

These nooks work great in a setting with floor-to-ceiling shelving that will keep your books organised and close at hand. 


Dress the windows

If you live in quite a cold region, where winters bring plenty of snow and ice, then you might need to have blinds or thick and interlined curtains to keep the heat in. They will also be great for enhancing privacy and having better control over light. When it comes to fabrics, you can use something timeless as a stripe or check. The amazing advantage of decorating with checks is that they have numerous colours that can be a great starting point for a scheme. 

These timeless designs offer a great aesthetic and create a cosy feeling that is very easy to live in. You can incorporate natural materials like stone and wood for a rustic ambiance. Woollen rugs and fur can also be a fantastic idea, as they will complement the fabric choices and add an extra layer of warmth. 

Restyle coffee tables

You will need to replace the bowls of baubles, poinsettia plants and pinecones that remained after Christmas on your coffee tables with some candles and fresh flowers. Additionally, you can add your favourite coffee table books that will inspire you in planning your future vacations or for other creative interior projects. 

Flowers will always infuse the rooms with vibrant colours, bring nature indoors and add freshness. Moreover, they are versatile, meaning they can become focal points or subtle accents that breathe life into your rooms. 

We hope this article provides some good ideas that will keep your house warm and cosy for the rest of the winter. 

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