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Keeping Warm this Autumn

Today – Keeping Warm this Autumn

When it comes to keeping warm I am always absolutely ready. Brr. I hate being cold. I don’t even like going into the freezer to sort out dinner!  Now if I was on a ski holiday in France it would be fine for it to be cold but not whilst I’m sat working in my chilly house in the UK! Summer has definitely drifted away into happy hazy memories now and it is firmly Autumn. Leaves are whirling, conkers falling and it’s getting a bit chilly.

Let me share with you my top tips to keeping warm this Autumn. Let’s take a three-pronged approach to this and look at food and drink, clothing and our homes.


Keeping Warm this Autumn


Keeping Warm this Autumn


Food & Drink

Food and drink can make such a difference to how warm we feel.

Now is the time for carbs! A lovely warm homemade pie is a perfect warm-up meal. I also love a lunch of hearty vegetable soup or maybe some cumin potato cakes? Warm, filling food is a real boost to keep the chills away.

Hot drinks also help keep you warmed up. It’s absolutely the right time of year for a deluxe hot chocolate and it’s always a good time for a cup of tea in my book.



Layers really do help trap heat, so think t-shirts and vests under jumpers and even tights under jeans.

Socks.  Socks make such a difference. Even if it does look cool to have bare legs and trainers it will not keep you warm. There are some super cute socks around this season too and they are a great excuse to go shopping,

Woolly hats really help you stay warm so do keep one stashed in your bag and you will have cold weather and bad hair days completely covered.

Get some super cosy and fleecy PJ’s too,  the last thing you want is to wake up cold in the middle of the night.


Keeping Warm this Autumn at Home

I have a whole host of ideas for ways to keep your home warm. I work from home so keeping it toasty as the weather gets milder is really important to me.

Hot Water Pumps from Complete Pump Supplies are a must if you are struggling with ineffective heating or hot water. You want your system to work really well with radiators at the ready and hot baths too, to take any chills away.

I also like to make sure that everywhere is well sealed. Insulating tape, simple repairs and door snakes work really well to stop your home losing heat.

Cosy throws on your sofas and extra blankets on beds all give layers of warmth that help you to feel both snug and cosy.

Closing curtains can help keep heat in a room and closing doors between rooms is also an efficient way to preserve heat.

Hot water bottles to make your bed all cosy cannot be beaten and oh I have to say I do like a nice electric blanket too.

Pipe lagging is defintely something to think about too, providing insulation for your popes and more efficient heating to your home.

Do get your heating system checked regularly by a qualified professional. It is also a good idea to make sure both your boiler and your car/car tyres are checked ready for winter.




More Tips on Keeping Warm this Autumn

You can find some great advice from the NHS on keeping warm and keeping well here.

Stay warm folks! Winter is on its way.




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