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Keeping your zest for life after 50

Today – Keeping your zest for life after 50


Zest for life after 50

I think it is so important to invest some time in thinking how you keep your zest for life after 50. I am in my 40’s now and the big 50 will not be too many years always. I need to consider how I keep feeling young and keep life full of fun in my older years.


Love and romance

For those of you who are married, I would suggest you have date nights and get out and spend quality time together just being rather than doing. A trip to the DIY store or a ride to take the kids to the train station does not count. I’m talking about going for a walk or a meal and generally keeping romance and togetherness alive. Do take care of yourself too and do show an interest in your partner. It does not matter how long we have known someone everyone likes to feel they are interesting and that you are interested in them.

For those of you who are single, these later life years can still be uber exciting when it comes to romance dating sites are not just for the young. You could try specific  Older Dating Online which caters for over 40’s dating.  There is still plenty of hot and romantic dates to be had!


Fitness & zest for life after 50

Even if your knees are creaky and you feel the cold a little more you must absolutely not give up on fitness. In fact, it is more important than ever as you age. Not only does it keep you supple and strong but it keeps you happy too. The endorphins released through exercising are just fabulous and will eep that zesty feeling with you. Plus getting out in the fresh air is a lovely way to keep from feeling isolated and a wonderful way to get your vitamin D and meet people too.


Keeping your zest for life after 50


Eating well in your older years will keep you healthy. You can spice p your food by trying load so f new recipes and a host of new fruit and veg, This will keep you interested in eating well and keep you fit and inspired!  Combining a good diet and plenty of exercises will help prevent lots of potential health problems throughout your life but especially in those later years.


Zest for life after 50? Friends

Loneliness can be a real problem in our older years so it is very important to keep active socially ( see above for dating advice!). Making plans to see friends and get together is really important. Now the kids have grown and we have more free time its also a great time to make new friends and try out some new hobbies. Why not look for classes in your area and take up something new. I might join a theatre company in my 50’s or maybe a tennis club.


I plan to be over 50 and have a life full of zest – what about you?


zest for life after 50

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