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Kegel Angel Review

Kegel Angel Review – come and find out what we thought.


Kegel Angel Review

Kegel Angel Review


Kegel Angel Review

I am excited to bring you my Kegel Angel review

According to the trusty NHS  ‘Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles around your bladder, vagina or penis, and back passage. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help stop incontinence, treat prolapse, and make sex better, too.’

Now that all sounds good. My pelvic floor, like many women’s pelvic floor, has never been the same since I had kids. 

I recall my health advisor suggesting we do these exercises pre and post birth but honestly my head was so absolutely full to the brim with my baby that I neglected the stuff about me almost completely – a quick survey of my friends shows me this is very common.

 Finding time for you in the baby days is not easy.

If I could back and change that though I would.. I have only just recently found out how very useful they are and not doing has some unpleasant consequences.


Kegel Angel Review


Symptoms of pelvic floor weakness

A huge amount of women suffer from the weakness of their pelvic floor muscles and this is the purpose of this kegel angel review – to see if it makes a difference

Common symptoms include:

• leaking urine with activity, for example during running, jumping, coughing and sneezing•

a sudden and urgent need to pass urine•

leakage of stool from the back passage•

decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse.


Yikes. I got off pretty lightly I know but even a little leaking is no fun at all, embarrassing and uncomfortable, so I was keen to get this sorted. Apparently this affects 1 in 3 women.



Kegel Angel Review


Kegel Angel Review


The Kegel Angel Review

I was so pleased to be sent the Kegel Angel toner to review.  The reviews looked absolutely excellent and it looked to do all the hard work for me.   I am not the most technical of people ( despite being a blogger ) and I was a little concerned that operating this little device would be beyond me but actually, it was very simple. This simple video explains it all really clear and the kit comes with an easy to use instruction guide if that’s more your thing.

The kit comes with all you need you simply need to purchase that battery.

Created and recommended by Doctors, is both safe, effective and simple to use. You can simply relax by reading or watching TV whilst it does it’s the job 

It works SO simply. Most women should notice a difference in 2-12 weeks of daily use.

A small comfortable probe is placed just a few centimetres into the vagina which sends gentle impulses to the correct pelvic floor muscles. This precise stimulation causes them to contract and get stronger quickly.  

The intensity and strength are controlled by a digital device you can hold in your hand. It is a cutting edge pelvic muscle trainer, gentle electrical impulses are delivered to muscles automatically – causing smooth, comfortable contractions that strengthen and firm muscles deep inside your pelvic area.

There are 11 programmes and you can totally adapt it to work for you and your body.



Kegel Angel Review – What does the Kegel Angel do

  • HELPS END STRESS INCONTINENCE NATURALLY: With the help of electrical nerve stimulation you can enjoy stronger pelvic muscles and an overall healthier pelvic floor.
  • IMPROVE SEXUAL INTIMACY & SATISFACTION: You control the strength of the electrical impulses with the handheld remote that features a large easy-to-read LCD display. Greater pelvic muscle control helps restore heightened intimate sensation for a more enjoyable sex life for you and your partner.
  • DISCREET PELVIC FLOOR TONING THERAPY: Powered by a single 9v battery and featuring a single probe, it takes only a few short minutes a day with this small, discreet device to effortlessly restore your pelvic floor strength – without time-consuming manual pelvic floor kegel exercises or complicated weights.
  • FLATTENS TUMMY: A welcome bonus of pelvic muscle training with a pelvic floor muscle stimulator is a flatter abdomen – without situps or crunches. The Kegel Angel Pelvic Exerciser by Vital Angel comes with the pelvic trainer remote, vaginal probe, lead wire, user manual and cloth storage bag.



My experience of the Kegel Angel Review

So far so good for me and my kegel angel review I do feel more toned and more secure and my sneezy leaking has reduced already 4 weeks into my kegel angel review.

I think it is so important to look after our health is all aspects and this little device makes it a lot simpler.


I do hope you have found my kegel angel review useful – you might also like my post on sex and dating in your 40’s

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  1. May 8, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    Oh this is such an important thing to talk about Becky. Thank you for sharing this. I personally would like to try it too!

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