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Key Interior Trends in 2016 – Rugs

I have been commenting over at the Modern Rugs blog this month about the key interior trends of 2016.

So what is going to be new in the world of interior design in 2016 particularly in regard to rugs?

  • Nature
  • Geometric patterns surge in popularity
  • The resurgence of gold and silver
  • The mixing contrasting materials
  • A new emphasis on homespun touches

And colour?

Cherished gold is the Dulux colour of the year and strong tones are definitely winning the day. In regard to rug sales whites creams and beige seem to be on their way out and yellows and golds, greys, silver and blues are increasing in popularity! Blues and golds seem to be every where.

I am a huge fan of white and bright primary colours so am feeling a tad unsure about this trend in my home!

gold rug

I do think such tones work really well with organic and neutral tones though and add impact and are great to create focal points.

It does look really good and so warm and cosy too!

The rise in geometric pattern popularity is a another challenging concept for me as I pretty much have a pattern free house but some of the geometric rugs I have been seeing are just stunning and I am tempted to be brave.

Actually that’s what I think 2016 is about really stronger bolder interiors. Perhaps I’ll pick a rug to reflect my courage in trying something new for a new year.

Key Interior Trends in 2016 – Rugs



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  1. Fiona Theodoratos
    December 17, 2016 / 10:51 pm

    Love this gold, black, grey geometric rug…..where can I find it?

    Key Interior Trends in 2016 – Rugs

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