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7 Essential Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy

Wouldn’t we all appreciate some kind of assistance when going about our daily kitchen chores? I know I would, as the demands of motherhood steal away time at an accelerated pace, and having those extra few minutes to do with as we please will be a dream.

I, myself, am known to be quite the busy mom and when kitchen duties call, my sweet little chefs are always ready to lend a hand to mummy. What would mummy do without her little helpers, as aside from the pretty messes that are caused, they’re always ever ready to follow the next instruction. The height of obedience is adhered only when kitchen duty calls.

Clever old me decided to make the work load on my little chefs and I easier so I decided to go out and explore the kitchen gadgets that technology has to offer. As they are designed to make life easier so I thought why not give it a shot. Would you believe that after my kitchen gadget hunt, I discovered some essential appliances that serve as assistant chefs to my little helpers and I.


Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy

Allow me to take you on a tour of my 7 kitchen wonders that have made my life easier.


Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy


The Multitasking Soup Maker

This cleverly manufactured kitchen aid was my first discovery during my hunt, and aside from its neat and compact presentation it is an efficient little appliance. It is a space saver, time saver, and an affordable buy as it has the ability to cook and blend your soups and purees to perfection.

My little helpers think that it is quite the master-chef, and are always ready to pass the next ingredient that goes into this one pot wonder. With the knowledge that my babies are getting their essential vitamins with the delicious foods that my new kitchen aid offers, this mummy is quite happy.


Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy – The Magnificent Food Processor

This little kitchen aid has been at the back of my mind as I have always wanted to have one of my own. The need to acquire it increased with all the good reviews that I have heard from the people that already own it. This was the second kitchen appliance that I added to my shopping cart, and boy oh boy I must let you all know that it was well worth the purchase. It comes with multiple blades to accommodate all your food processing needs and it doesn’t seem to tire. It is a speed queen that serves me religiously.

My little chefs are mesmerized by their newly acquired food processor, and they all stand around in wait to have that transparent view of this magnificent machine in action.


The Elegant Stand Mixer

The beauty of a stand mixer not only enhances the look of a kitchen but also serves as that much needed muscular arm when mixing up that bread dough, and whisking those delicious cake batters and creams. It was amongst my favourite kitchen aids to acquire and who knew that luck will be on my side when I began my hunt.



Accompanying me on my kitchen appliance venture was my darling little sister, and an early birthday present from her to me would come on that very day. Yes, she bought me the most elegant stand mixer as she knew that it was something that I had always wanted.

My little chefs and I look forward to our baking sessions as our new kitchen appliance does most of the work. It is built to last so I think that it will be around for a long time.


Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy


The Smart Slow Cooker

The slow cooker was the next gadget that caught my eye as I have read many reviews about its efficiency. It is also a one pot wonder that can bake and cook your foods. Busy mums will always welcome a time saving solution and this smart kitchen appliance works independently to slowly cook your meals to perfection. You just need to add the ingredients, set the timer, and get on with your day.

My inquisitive little helpers are not too happy that their view of what’s cooking inside has been blackened, so I have to give them all a turn by lifting them up to let them have a view through the glass lid. That surely puts a smile on their little faces as they patiently wait to devour the recipe of the day.


The Faithful Electric Kettle

Okay, so my faithful electric kettle that I have had for umpteen years finally gave up on me. I have no complaints though as it has served me diligently through the years, offering that freshly boiled water in 3 minutes when I’m on the run. Would you believe that I used it to boil my pastas and potatoes?

My hunt for a new one brought me to a cute little stainless steel kettle that I added to my trolley. My helpers are very happy as now they can also see a mirror image of their selves on the steel exterior, but clever mummy keeps her new faithful friend right at the back of the counter. A sneak peek is stolen now and then.


The Terrific Sandwich Toaster – Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy

The sandwich toaster brings back familiar childhood memories as my mum made mouth-watering toasted sandwiches with yesterday’s leftovers. Believe me when I say that leftovers never tasted better. These terrific kitchen aids are time savers as they are built to produce neatly packed toasted sandwiches in minutes.

My chefs love their new toaster and their favourite toasty treat is a jam sandwich. They are fascinated by the patterns on their sandwich and wait patiently in line for their share. ‘’Can I pass the bread mummy?’’ ‘’Of course you can my little helper.’’


The Brewers Coffee Machine – Kitchen Appliances that Make Life Easy

Are there any coffee lovers here? I know that I sure am as that is my early morning fuel before I start the day. I not only love the taste of coffee but also the familiar aroma that it lends, and the much needed boost that it gives me. With my little scamps, a boost is required multiple times a day as I have to keep up. The Coffee addict mommies would know what I mean.

This was my last purchase on my kitchen appliance hunt and I was drawn to it like a magnet, because anything coffee has a habit of diverting my attention. I am glad that I bought it as it serves me through the day, saving me that much needed time. My little smarty pants chefs know that this one’s for mummy and that they can have it when they eat all of their vegetables and reach mummy’s height.

I now have to measure them every time they empty their plates.



These were my essential finds and I don’t regret the day I started off my hunt. I now have that much needed extra time that I use to relax.


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