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Current Kitchen Trends

Current kitchen trends

Current Kitchen Trends

Current kitchen trends


Current Kitchen Trends

My kitchen is looking a little tired and in need of a revamp this year.  I am not one just to follow the trends but I do like to know what is happening in the world of interior design and to see if I am inspired by it.  It turns out the kitchen trends for this year are right up my street. Have a look at my favourite four that I will hopefully be integrating into my updated kitchen.


Integrated kitchen-living spaces.

Integrated kitchen living spaces continue to be a big trend in 2016 and it is easy to see why. People love to commune and be together and separate rooms tend to mean separate lives. As a mum I would like to be able to cook or sort out the kitchen whilst the kids are drawing and crafting at the table or  watching a little TV after school and just generally hang out together.


Nordic Style in Current kitchen trends

Nordic style is clean white lines and minimalism. This has to be my favourite style it just looks so calm and hygenic to me! To get this style you need to keep your kitchen clutter free, opt for white walls and wood and go for simple and practical

I just adore the kitchen below from the My Fitted Kitchen range.


white kitchen, kitchen trends in 2016


Metals were in vogue last year whether in brass or copper or bronze from cooker hoods to taps metals and mixed metals continue to be popular in 2016. I thinks this gives a luxurious look to a kitchen and makes it look rather posh!


State of the art storage in Current kitchen trends

Storage is so crucial to a kitchen and yet always seems to be at a premium. I have so little and itis why I have so much clutter,I really like a well stocked kitchen but I also like clear surfaces. I need smart storage!

There are some fabulous options around ..take a look at these


pull out vegetable baskets

towel rail pull out

pull out towel rails


multi purpose pull out units


Oh how handy such storage would be!

I do hope you ave enjoyed this post on Current Kitchen Trends 



Current Kitchen Trends  is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on a bespoke kitchen island

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  1. November 14, 2016 / 11:18 am

    Clever storage is all about efficiency, and it’s about achieving the perfect balance between form and function.

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