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Modern Kitchen Trends

Modern Kitchen Trends

Modern Kitchen trends come and go but some are of course absolute classics that are always around, some may last just a season or two. What do you think . I can’t see grey sticking around long myself.

Here are my pick of the kitchen trends .


Modern Kitchen Trends


The industrial look has become increasingly popular in recent years, exposed brickwork, visible piping, lots of copper and of course stone kitchen worktops 


Kitchen Trends in 2017


Stone kitchen worktops can vary widely of course and range from granite to marble, they can be either sleekly polished or charmingly rustic.   The beauty of stone is timeless as is a love of all things earthy. In practical terms too  stone is a brilliant worktop material that will never be just a trend.

My favourite?

I love the elegance of white marble. So classy and such a clean look.

Kitchen tends to overlook gardens they are filled with vegetables, water, flowers, family.. so in my view natural elements will always have a place in a kitchen.



Technology is ever emerging and always exciting.

We have an Amazon echo in our kitchen and she is both our timer and our personal DJ and she makes cooking easier and so much more fun!  New concepts such as a Smarter iKettle & Coffee Machine are on my wish list . Do you know  you can control them from your bed via an app so when you do finally wander downstairs  you coffee will be ready and waiting!  Now that’s cool. Technology (like stone work will always be a kitchen trend!

Grey – Modern Kitchen Trends

Greys of all hues are big news in kitchen trends this year and work so well to give a quiet calm elegance to the kitchen without the starkness of white. I don’t think I personally will  ever not have a white kitchen but greys do look fabulous. Will they last as a trend? No I don’t think so. Kitchens need to be light and bright really.




Brass, copper and gold are big news in kitchen this year and add a lovely warm glow to the heart of the home. What I love about this trend is that just by adding a few accessories or a new light  in a metallic shade you can bring your kitchen bang up to date without you having to spend a fortune or make huge changes that require huge effort. It’s an instant update. Will it last as a kitchen trned. I am not sure? I think silver  and chrome  will make a big comeback.



What’s your pick of the kitchen trends in 2017 and do you think it will last?


Modern Kitchen Trends is a celebration of design 




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