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Kitchen Trends in 2022 – 7 Best New Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

Kitchen Trends in 2022 are fabulous – are you ready to take a look?


Kitchen Trends in 2022 are here

 Do you like to keep up with home and design trends? I f you do then your eyes will be firmly on kitchen trends in 2022 right now wondering what it has to offer and I have to tell you when in comes to kitchen trends it is looking all kinds of awesome

As we progress into the new year, it’s time to acknowledge kitchen trends in 2022 and all they bring to our homes,  They seem to have completely revolutionised since early 2021, with exciting colours and furniture replacing muted tones and minimalist designs.


Kitchen Trends in 2022


These new, bold trends are picking up on the major sense of individuality and personality circulating in both modern media and general life; the symbiosis of homely furniture and striking accents allows kitchens to become increasingly representative of individual tastes and expression.

Kitchen Trends in 2022 see the importance that is beginning to be placed upon sustainability and eco-friendly practices has clearly bled through into homeware trends, with vintage and mix and match furniture becoming popular in Kitchen Trends in 2022.


What are the popular colours for kitchen trends in 2022?

Bold, jewel colours are being seen often as feature walls or backsplashes! A complete U-turn from the muted pinks and whites that were popular in 2021; these bright shades enthuse personality and exuberance into a kitchen and highlight the room.

This trend encompasses a vast selection of tones; peacock blue, mustard yellow, and dark green are all becoming incredibly popular in kitchens. Using these for a statement wall colour allows for a stunning contrast!

Matching these bright colours like turquoise with a cream or white allows for bold colour contrasts and striking kitchen design trends in 2022.


Kitchen Trends in 2022


Marble Kitchen Trends in 2022

For those who are deterred by the vibrancy of these jewel tones, never fear! Also trending in colours is cream and white, more specifically in terms of marble. Marble kitchen design has been popular for a long while, but it has come to the principal focus of trends for 2022.

Using marble for a splashback, or a sleek countertop gives you a way to use lighter colours if you prefer them to the trending bold blues and greens.

Mixing creamy marbles with gold and bronze accents adds class and originality to any kitchen wall or cabinet!

Kitchen Trends in 2022 look luxe and I am simply loving them – what about you?


Kitchen Trends in 2022


Where is furniture going in kitchen trends in 2022?

Previous interior design trends have loved classic, sleek furniture, suggesting that kitchens need to be cohesive and polished. Kitchen Trends in 2022, however, suggest that a more liberal approach to furniture needs to be taken. Interior design trends in 2022 are eclectic.


Sustainability in kitchen trends in 2022 

With sustainability at the forefront of society, interior designers are increasingly utilising vintage furniture, which gives kitchens a rustic and homely feel. This idea of ‘mix and match’ being applied to kitchen design makes it easy to collate a kitchen of your own choice, that also is eco-friendly!

Because of this increasing emphasis on vintage and mix and match, wooden kitchen furniture is becoming popular; with rustic wooden tables and counters being commonly seen.

Both dark and light wood colours are trending for 2022, as they can both be used to either brighten up dark colours, or work cohesively with the jewel tones to craft a beautiful mix of vintage and modern ideas key to Kitchen Trends in 2022


Kitchen Trends in 2022


Appliances in  kitchen trends in 2022

Despite the popularisation of jumbled vintage furniture, trendy appliances tend to favour a more ‘put-together’ front in kitchen trends in 2022.

Metal appliances are super cool for 2022, with colours like gold and brass being frequently used to add a touch of class to a bold kitchen. This luxurious touch allows kitchens to be both classy, and bold. Personality in interior design is so important as it truly allows the room to be an embodiment of yourself.

A cohesive set of metallic appliances allows for furniture and colours to dominate the room, whilst the appliances add tiny, beautiful accents that enthuse warmth and life into the kitchen.


gold kitchen trends in 2022


Kitchen trends in 2022 include shiny bright metallics 

Speaking of metal, these gorgeous accents are not simply limited to appliances!

Metal mesh and wire cabinets are beautiful additions to metallic appliances and bold coloured paints and backsplashes. Pairing these with rustic, wooden furniture again allows for stunning contrast and meshes together classic trends with modern ideas.



Though rose gold and silver was popular throughout 2020 and 2021 even in a living room, as we move into a new year, popular metal colours have shifted. Brass and yellow-gold are increasingly popular for both appliances and cabinets as it only adds to the ambience created with bold colours and rustic furniture.

Despite these colours being popular for accents, kitchen trends in 2022 still maintain the emphasis on muted steel for things like refrigerators and countertops as they don’t detract from any bold colours, but rather streamline the entire room.


Kitchen island metallics

Kitchen island ideas are also loving a little metallic!


Kitchen Trends in 2022


Kitchen lighting – kitchen trends in 2022

Lighting is used to collate the bold and striking accents into a cohesive and well-organised kitchen design. Kitchen trends in 2022 don’t necessarily revolutionise previous trends, nor do they take centre stage in terms of kitchen design, but lighting in 2022 aims to layer ambience and add to the overall atmosphere of the room.

Statement lights are trending, but they are meshed with soft, layered lighting that adds to the overall ambience of the room. Pendant lights allow for this, with the minimalist effect allowing the bolder aspects of the kitchen to take centre stage.

Whilst lighting  in kitchen trends in 2022 should arguably never be the main feature of the kitchen, the layering of different styles subtly enhance the emotion and personality of the room.


Kitchen lighting


Stick to a trend! Kitchen design trends in 2022 like you to be cohesive!

Whilst the massive influx of bold colours and exciting trends might feel overwhelming, it is important to stick to one or two ideas when crafting around kitchen trends in 2022; whilst the muted tones of 2021 might be outdated, the sense of cohesion is still important.

Balance and harmony is essential for whatever design you choose, so don’t crowd your kitchen with bold choices, and instead opt for a few exciting trends whilst maintaining your original style.

For example, you could combine a dark green statement wall with marble countertops, but maintain neutral toned furniture and appliances to foster a sense of togetherness and organisation.


plant kitchen trends in 2022


Plants and nature  – Kitchen Trends in 2022

Incorporating foliage and plants into interior design has been popular over a period of years, and it looks set to remain popular as we head into Kitchen Trends in 2022.  Do you love to see plants in your kitchen. I like to see them but I don’t like soil spills or how they wilt when cooking. At the end of the day design features need to be practical and to work for you in your home it is no goof them looking good but causing problems 

Oversized, coloured vases look striking against a neutral countertop or wall; large leafy plants take centre stage in this form. If you’ve bought into the bold coloured wall trends of 2022, then a neutral hanging basket could be the perfect option for you.

Leafy plants are still a preferable option to smaller flowers, but cooking herbs are frequently seen alongside countertops and shelves for a practical piece of decor that will enhance both your home, and your cooking!

Checkout Pinterest for even more cool ideas


Kitchen plants


Kitchen Trends in 2022 –  7 Best New Kitchen Ideas is written by Maddie Wills


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Which kitchen trends in 2022 do you think that you will embrace? Aren’t they all just simply lovely


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