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Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Today – Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Kitsch Christmas Decorations


Kitsch Christmas Decorations

I just absolutely love decorating my Christmas tree, don’t you?

We put on some music, have hot choc and get the kids involved too. My most prized Christmas decorations have always been those I inherited but they have become a bit thin on the ground over recent years as time and tiny kids have taken their toll. It is most certainly time to choose some of my own. But oh I want them to be precious and for my children to vale and treasure them when they inherit them.

I was absolutely delighted when Amara showed me their Christmas decoration ranges this year: Hideaway, Kitschmas, Midnight Jewel & Winter Blush


The most quirky and Kitsch Christmas Decorations

These Kitsch Christmas Decorations  completely filled my Christmas loving heart with glee. They are all completely stunning. My heart, however, was won over by Kitschmas – gorgeous Kitsch Christmas Decorations


Showstopping decorations from cupcakes to pineapples and a candy colour palette full of pastels and bubble-gum shades will ensure that this season is as fun as it is festive. Quirky soft furnishings and kitsch ornaments, from flamingos to cactuses, create a unique interior look to remember.

ice cream cone decorations, Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Ice cream cone tree decorations- set of 3 (£20)

I know my daughter was going to just LOVE these, so I decided this was the range I just had to review and that these would come hers one day.



My daughters Kitsch Christmas tree

For now though I decided to put her together with a little tree for her bedroom filled with Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Here’s what was to go on it …

This gorgeous pink doughnut  (£10)


Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Cotton candy tree decoration (£12)

Pink lollipop  (£12)


And oh my goodness there are just so many more. Do pop over and have a look for yourself. I have my eye on these next!

Kitsch Christmas DecorationsCandy apples!

And here is the tree, I am so delighted with it and I know she is going to just love it. I am going to pop it in her room a couple of weeks before Christmas when she is sleeping.

Don’t you think she will love these Kitsch Christmas Decorations


Kitsch Christmas Decorations


What a lovely start to her collection

These Christmas Decorations are just the best! and it is nice to do something completely different with our Christmas decor this year.


Kitsch Christmas Decorations

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