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Kneelo Review – to make gardening more comfortable

So I was invited to review a  Kneelo® Kneeler with memory foam technology to save my poor knees and my jeans when I was gardening..

Regular readers will know how much I love to garden and I am seriously forever to be seen with grass atined jeans or dirty knees. the kneel sounded very hand to me!  

Bigwicks who sent me the Kneelo to review are the most amazing online store and they stocks juts about all you could want or need for you and your  home and garden. 

 Let me tell you about the Kneelo.



Kneelo review

First of all isn’t it just so pretty! 

I had lots of options to chose from but the burgon and ball flora and a fauna stole my heart with it’s bright vivid colours and beautiful birds. As wel as being beautiful it i also super comfortable and has memory foam technology as well as  shock absorbing EVA foam at its core to really support you. This is great for my creaking knees.

It is immensely practical and is covered in waterproof, durable neoprene with a quick dry, wipe clean, nylon coating.

I found it absolutely brilliant for weeding, popping in bedding plants and tending to our veg plants. I felt supported, safe and really comfortable. The little carry  handle is perfect for hanging it up in the shed too.

They are such a  great gardening asset. and they make a lovely gift.

The Kneelo is well priced at £19.99

Kneelo Review



 How to win this Kneelo

If you would like to win one of these for yourself then juts pop on over to my Instagram to enter my competition. 

You can see Bigwicks whole range of kneelers and kneepads here


kneelo review


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