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Ladybird Books Joan of Arc Review

Ladybird Books Joan of Arc

Amazing women litter history yet rarely get the focus they deserve.

I want to inspire my daughter  to understand that women have played a huge role in shaping our world in a myriad of brave, gallant, heroic, smart, fabulous, exciting, interesting  ways. I need to educate her in this area as sadly even today female figures from history tend to largely be royal.


Ladybird Books Joan of Arc


Ladybird Books Joan of Arc

I love Ladybird books and I was delighted to find this little Ladybird book of Joan of Arc on Amazon in good condition for just 1p (plus £2.80 postage) Marvellous…a little vintage Ladybird and a rather amazing lady. I am sure she will be surprised and intrigued .

Joan was  a deeply religious county girl who had visions of God telling her to fight and she eventually led the french in defeat of the British and was burned at the stake. It’s an odd, horrible, fascinating story… one of huge courage really and a very different world.

Absolutely a lady I want my daughter to be inspired by and my son to know about. You really cannot beat a ladybird book. I just love them.  Joan of Arc is such a treasure

For a short biography of Joan of Arc have a look here




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